Question of the day (11th May).

Hi guys. 🙂

Here’s my question for you for yesterday since I didn’t manage to post it on time.

Do you have a non political opinion you would like to share?

My answer:

Russian mustard is really yum yum yum! And that’s quite a discovery to me, made only today. I used to think my whole life until now that mustard is yuck, no matter what kind, I really dislike the texture of most of them. So now I’m changing my opinion at least in regard to Russiann mustard. It’s really not bad, it’s so spicy and the consistence isn’t as off-putting. It’s actually very good! 😀 I hadn’t ever tried this mustard before.

What would YOU like to share? 🙂 And by the way, do you have any opinion regarding Russian mustard? How about mustard in general? Any kind of mustard you particularly like/dislike? 🙂