Question of the day (5th December).

Would you rather be able to fly at running speed or be able to run as fast as Usain Bolt without needing to catch your breath?

My answer:

I don’t think I really need either. The concept of flying is scary to me probably because of my balance issues so I have no desire to ever fly, I get my fair share of flights in Dreamland because I have a lot of dreams involving flying, floating, whirling and the like, some are even funn and some are not.

I guess then that I’ll pick the running, you never know when such a skill can come in handy.

You? 🙂

Question of the day.

Have you ever known anyone who ran a marathon, or runs marathons?

My answer:

I don’t know him very well, just passed him a few times i the past and heard this and that, but my classmate’s dad was running marathons. He, my classmate, was very proud of him in this regard and often talked about it.

How about you? 🙂

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