Ruelle ft. Fleurie – “Carry You”.

Hey guys! 🙂

This song is the third, and last, at least for now, from Ruelle that I’m gonna share with you. But despite I saved it as the last one to share with you, I actually like it most of these three, and this is the very first song by Ruelle that I was introduced to. I heard it for the first time when I had an extremely shitty day anxiety-wise and I found the lyrics really soothing, and the song overall is so beautiful and amazing. As it happens, if I got it correctly, this one is also part of the Shadowhunters soundtrack, just like War of Hearts I shared earlier.

Ruelle – “War of Hearts”.

Hey guys! 🙂

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m sharing another song by Ruelle. I don’t know about Like You Mean It that I shared yesterday, but this song I’m sharing with you today was definitely featured in a movie soundtrack. It can be heard in the movie Shadowhunters. I like both versions, but it was the acoustic one that I’ve heard first and I guess I slightly prefer it, so I’m sharing this one here.

Ruelle – “Like You Mean It”.

Hey people! 🙂

I thought I’d like to share with you some of my favourite songs from this great, seriously underrated American singer songwriter. I really like her and her style even since I first came across her music. And while for me I simply came across her on Spotify, I think quite a lot of people might have heard her for the first time in a soundtrack of something, because a lot of her songs are used for movie soundtracks, adverts and similar things. They really fit this purpose with this slightly dark feel to them.