Roxeanne Hazes – “Bonnie & Clyde”.

Hiya people! 🙂

For today I decided to share with you a pop song in Dutch. I believe this singer is quite well-known in her home country, although I don’t have much of an idea about her really, nor do I have much of an idea as for what Dutch-language music is popular in the Netherlands as I don’t follow it consistently enough. I do know though that her father – André Hazes – was a famous singer in another genre. This is the first song by Roxeanne Hazes that I’ve heard, and I think it’s cool enough to share it on here, especially given that, despite Dutch is among my favourite languages, I’ve so far shared very little Dutch-language music, and know very little of it that I’d truly like, compared with most other of my favourite languages. Sadly I wasn’t able to find a reliable English translation anywhere.