Lynn Saoirse – “The Road To Lisdoonvarna/Morrison’s”.

Hey people! 🙂

Today I have another nice two-piece harp set for you, from the Irish harpist Lynn Saoirse who was already featured on this blog a couple times. While I don’t know who is the Morrison to whom the second piece pertains, for your information, in case you don’t know, Lisdoonvarna is a town in the west of Ireland, in co. Clare, famous for its music festivals.

Yr Angen – “Golau Lawr Y Ffordd” (Light Down The Road).

Yeah I didn’t give up haha, recently I have again a small obsession with this Welsh band and their song was what I planned to share with you today, and my stroppy Spotify effectively made it impossible for me. I don’t have the song I wanted to share, because I don’t have it anywhere else than on Spotify ( 😦 ) but I have another one from Yr Angen.

I still like Jac Davies – the vocalist – as much as I did when I shared the first song by them with you, and I still don’t know why I like him so much because his voice is so much not my style lol, but I really like him to pieces and I find music of this band really resonating with me for some reason I still don’t know either. So I will give you just the link to my Dropbox and it will expire after a month. I planned to listen to Jac tonight but, ugh, not happening, probably. 😦

Catatonia – Road Rage.

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It’s definitely the time for sharing something by Catatonia – one of most popular and talked about Welsh bands outside of Wales. If anyone who isn’t particularly into British music, or Welsh music, knows some names of Welsh rock artists, Catatonia is probably something that comes first to mind, or maybe straight after Manic Street Preachers.

Catatonia was a bband which made music pretty hard to classify. Some say it’s indie rock/pop, some that it is Britpop, there are lots of opinions about it, their style is pretty distinctive. I love their vocalist, or rather past vocalist since the band doesn’t exist anymore – Cerys Matthews. I just love her style and voice and she is one of my favourite British female singers. Now she has her own show on BBC 6 and when I have some more time on my hands I like to listen to it. Our views on many things may differ and I might not be a big big fan of everything she plays, but I just like to listen to her and there are often some very interesting people whom she invites to the show. She has also a few solo albums and I will also show you something from her solo career later on, it’s more folky.

This song – “Road Rage” is also a very famous song and probably the most famous by Catatonia, so even if you maybe don’t recognise the title, you still may recognise the song.


Flook – The Road To Errogie.

Hi! 🙂

Today’s tune is instrumental. Flook is quite a successful Anglo-Irish band, whose music is characterised by flutes being their dominant instruments, only accompanied by guitar or bodhran. They make Celtic music of course, as you may conclude from this description. They were founded by Becky Moris at the beginning of 200’s. I am not like very familiar with their music yet, although I’ve heard about them multiple times since I’ve been into Celtic music, but I am starting to quite like them lately. So here’s a piece from them: