Question of the day (4th August).

What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

My answer:

Don’t know if it’s the MOST ridiculous that I know, probably not but just can’t really think of anything else at the moment, and the fact that did come to my mind is something I learned yesterday from my Mum. Perhaps it’s not quite so new and sensational to people in America though. Namely, yesterday I learned that Amish people will often pull out their teeth at the dentist’s, sometimes all of their teeth, and have dentures placed, to avoid loads of costly dental visits, as apparently they don’t brush regularly. It sounds freakishly radical, but in a way I can’t help but think that if you know in advance that you’re gonna have lots of dental issues, perhaps it’s the most logical way to go. 😀 This is a sample of what sort of topics my Mum and me discuss over dinner, lol. My parents came back from their trip two days ago and she read some book on the way where there seemed to be quite a lot about the Amish but I guess it didn’t deal with the Amish topic directly.

Your turn. 🙂