Question of the day (22nd June).

What is your favourite chain restaurant, excluding fast food? What is your favourite local restaurant?

My answer:

Don’t think I have any favourite chain restaurant, except for KFC which is a fast food so doesn’t count, I think I don’t eat out often enough. As for the local one, I like a Kashubian restaurant that is pretty close to us. It is lovely and they have some yummy foods. Although I am half Kashubian, I don’t really feel like I am a fan of Kashubian culture or food, or even the language, but what I do like about Kashubian food is that they use a lot of goose meat, which can be very yummy if prepared well. And in this restaurant they have a lot of yummy dishes with goose, like my favourite are pierogi with goose. This restaurant is called Nordovi Mul, however it’s written, and according to my Dad it means a northern place. I also have another favourite one, a bit further. I absolutely love Italian food, and there is an Italian restaurant called Cozi in one of the cities near us. I not only like them for their fantastic spaghettis and all the other pasta dishes and heavenly desserts, but I also greatly appreciate the fact that they have menu in BRAILLE, which is so rare in our times, well, I don’t think it was common in any times actually haha. It’s so cool there are restaurants like that. And we’re going there – me and my Mum – to celebrate my nameday, which is on 30th, I can’t wait!

Which are your favourites? And which are your favourite dishes in those restaurants you like? 🙂