Question of the day (2ndApril).

What is something you regret doing?

My answer:

Devastating all my earlier diaries. I have an awful habit of deleting/destroying most of what I’ve written before, especially stuff like short stories, like I write them, thinking that they are great, and then either delete them whole straight away or reread after some time and come to the conclusion that it was rubbish and get rid of it then. I do have some of my short stories, and I have my whole book about “Jack Hamilton”, which I hope will be always with me, but the majority is very short lived. It’s annoying but actually so far it hasn’t had much affect on me, just people are very surprised when I tell them that I wrote something and then they sometimes would like to see it and I say that I just deleted it. 😀 With my old diaries though, it’s another thing. I’ve been fairly consistent in writing a diary by which I mean that throughout most of my life I’ve had a diary and written something in it, in very different forms. But it was never the same diary for long. Usually after like a year or a couple of years, I’d start feeling a bit unmotivated for it, then I’d go through my past entries and realise that, meh, it’s shit, and just get rid of it all. Then after some time I’d usually get a new idea for how I could write my diary, and would start to feel the need for having it again, and the cycle starts all over again. 😀 It also didn’t bother me much for a long time, but recently I started to feel a bit regretful. I’d like to have my old diaries with me to be able to refer to them and maybe compare some things, or just simply see what they were like. I think now that it was a great pity that I got rid of all of them, it could be fun to read them again.

How about your regrets? 🙂