Morgan Elwy – “Riddim ROck Go Iawn” (Real ROck Riddim).

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Today, we’ll listen to a bit of Welsh-language reggae. This song comes from Morgan Elwy’s 2021 album Teimlo’r Awen (Feeling the Muse), which he released after winning that year’s Cân I Gymru contest with a reggae song Bach o Bach o Hwne (A Bit a Bit of That). Prior to that, Morgan was also part of a folk-rock band called Y Trŵbz, and a Manchester-based indie rock group  Lucy Lagoon. As the regular people here will know, his brother Jacob has been one of my faza peeps, which is why I’m interested in Morgan’s musical endeavours as well. 

   While I had a period as a pre-teen or thereabouts during which I listened to loads of reggae, especially our Polish reggae, and considered it my favourite genre, I don’t really feel extremely knowledgeable when it comes to this genre. Still, it seems quite clear that this song is one big reference to Real Rock by Sound Dimension. At some point it also mentions a “milky path” (llwybr llaethog) which makes me think that it could perhaps be a reference to a Welsh experimental group Llwybr Llaethog, which mix a lot of genres including a fair bit of reggae, but I guess it could just as well be a coincidence. The following translation, which probably contains some errors, has been written by Bibielz. 

   Real Rock Riddim runs in my blood, 

Standing on my hands and gloves on my feet, 

Not everything is so easy and under your thumb, [?], 

I’m thinking about the small things that worry everyone. 


Give me Reggae Riddim, dreaming of the sound of guitar, 

Nothing better than [?] to give rest to my square eyes, 

I miss the mountains and long for the sea, 

And the little birds singing in the forest like a choir. 




I want to go out tonight, but not without Mary Jane, 

I like how it makes me feel always with a smile, 

These pubs never play real Rock Riddim, 

And I have been preparing the whole afternoon. 


O o o o to the real Rock Riddim, 

O o o o listening to the real Rock Riddim. 


The gold of the world is the music that lifts a blue heart, 

Turn the speakers up, I want to hear the sound of the bass, 

Dancing in the kitchen or driving in a car, 

Wherever I’m chilling there’s always music playing. 


I’ve tried heavy metal and jazz, punk, soul and pop, 

But nothing hits the spot quite like reggae one drop, 

It will never disappoint me, my soul will [would?] never be full, 

Until I would have listened to the real Rock Riddim. 


O o o o to the real Rock Riddim, 

O o o o listening to the real Rock Riddim. 


Flying in the space like a star in the sky, 

Memories like galaxies fill my head, 

Can’t fall asleep, I’m hearing the echo of the beat, 

Waiting for the bass to come and knock me off my feet. 


Following the milky path that guides us, 

Through the adventures of time before realising, 

That there’s a reason for existence, every star, sea and galaxy, 

Has been put in its place for the sake of reggae without a doubt. 


To live and to be to find a free soul [?], 

Difficult at first, but it will come one day, 

Sitting round the fire, singing and laughing, 

All full of mischief, passing smoke and wine. 


O o o o to the real Rock Riddim, 

O o o o listening to the real Rock Riddim. 

Geraint Jarman – Reggae Reggae.

Hi guys! 🙂

I know, I planned to show you all my favourite Geraint Jarman songs until the end of this week, but because of some other things that I felt like needed to be shared with you first, it has belated a bit again. Today I have for you another song from his newest album “Dwyn Yr Hogyn Nol” (Bring The Boy Back), called “Reggae Reggae”. One of my favourite reggae pieces in reggae music in general, close after all the Polish reggae stuff I like.