Song of the day (29th April) – Rosewynde – “Drowsy Maggie Medley”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   For yesterday, I’ve picked a beautiful medley of Celtic tunes for you all, played by an American duo – from Oregon I believe – of classically trained ladies with a keen interest in playing and researching Celtic music, Sandy Duffy Norman on flute and Kathryn Cater on Celtic harp. This medley is clamped together with a tune called Drowsy Maggie, hence they decided to name the whole after it. Despite its name, Drowsy Maggie is usually not drowsy at all, because it’s a very energetic, zestful reel and it’s often played really really fast, which makes me wonder why it’s called the way it is every time I hear it. 😀 Rosewynde’s version sounds more like an Awakening Maggie to me. Other tunes that are featured in this medley include such popular pieces like She Moved Through the Fair, which I’ve shared on here in several different versions already, and the 19th century Skye Boat Song from Scotland. 

Lynn Saoirse – “Rights Of Man/Cahir’s Kitchen”.

Hey people! 🙂

Today I have another two-piece harp set with reels for you, from Lynn Saoirse. I’m not sure about the first one, but the second is definitely traditional. I’m not sure who the Cahir in the title is, I’m pretty sure there was a character named Cahir in The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski but I don’t suppose it’s about this one, haha, there’s also a town in Ireland of this name.

Song of the day (21st October) – Rachel Newton – “The Changeling Reel”.

Hey guys! 🙂

Here’s another piece from the great Scottish harpist, Rachel Newton. This was one of the first pieces by her that I’ve heard, I like the vibe of it. Also changelings are among the things in folklore that feel very close to me, so that’s another reason why I really like this interesting reel. Hope you will too. 🙂