Question of the day.

Have you ever known anyone who has been on any kind of reality TV show/competition?

My answer:

Yes. The school for the blind where I was going to was pretty much set on music, there was a music school and even many of those students who didn’t have any particular talent for music were attending it, to a point that it felt more than a bit like pressuring for many, not only those without a talent. But there also were lots of people who thanks to this discovered their passion for music, usually singing but often also playing different instruments and many people were participating in different kind of competitions, also sometimes TV competitions. Some of them I knew better, some just a little bit – the school was generally pretty small so people at least heard about each other. Other than reality shows and talent competitions, I had a friend who played in a series as a kid, and became quite known for this, and when I was in nursery – the same place where the school for the blind was practically – they were making a film about it which was once on the TV, and as I mentioned some time ago I was also in it, and a lot of other kids whom I know and with whom I went to schol later on.

How about you? 🙂

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