Question of the day.

Have you ever known anyone who named their child after a living relative?

My answer:

Plenty of people. I have two cousins who got their middle names after their grandmas, my another cousin has both his names after his grandads, my other cousin’s middle name is also after his grandads, who bear the same name, and my another cousin’s first name is also after our grandad. My another cousin on Dad’s side is named after one of his uncles. One of my aunts is named after her grandmother, who was living at the time she was born. Not to mention all those in my family who have their middle names after their parents’ first names, it’s a common thing in our region and so is with me and my siblings, my Dad’s middle name is also after his dad. And also lots of other people who aren’t my family, I guess most people call their children after someone from their family, which in my opinion is not always good.

How about you? Have those people you know got just the same name as their family member or is it a variation or something that honours them otherwise? Are you also named after any of your relatives? What do you think about doing so? Would you also name your child after a living relative? ­čÖé

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