Question of the day.

Have you ever known anyone who has been on any kind of reality TV show/competition?

My answer:

Yes. The school for the blind where I was going to was pretty much set on music, there was a music school and even many of those students who didn’t have any particular talent for music were attending it, to a point that it felt more than a bit like pressuring for many, not only those without a talent. But there also were lots of people who thanks to this discovered their passion for music, usually singing but often also playing different instruments and many people were participating in different kind of competitions, also sometimes TV competitions. Some of them I knew better, some just a little bit – the school was generally pretty small so people at least heard about each other. Other than reality shows and talent competitions, I had a friend who played in a series as a kid, and became quite known for this, and when I was in nursery – the same place where the school for the blind was practically – they were making a film about it which was once on the TV, and as I mentioned some time ago I was also in it, and a lot of other kids whom I know and with whom I went to schol later on.

How about you? 🙂

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Question of the day.

When was the last time you were moved to tears??

My answer:

Hard to say, as I told you a few times on this blog it’s not easy for me to be moved to tears, I may quite often feel at the verge or just be very moved but still not cry, first because still crying is an issue and second because I think that’s simply how I am. And even if I do cry, it’s rarely like fountains of tears, in opposite lots of people in my family on Mum’s side. 😀

So I guess the last time I was moved to tears was when I was reading “Battered, Broken, Healed” by Maggie Hartley – Maggie Hartley is a UK foster carer and in this book she describes the story of Jasmine who is an infant and as it turns out later on she was taken into care because her father was abusive. I cried when I was reading about her mum’s experiences, about her abusive relationship, and particularly about how her husband wouldn’t allow her to take care of Jasmine. It somehow moved me, I found it very weird because normally I don’t cry when hearing about people’s sad stories, or it has to be really really really tough or there has to be something that particularly speaks to me for any reason. I am not someone who particularly loves children in general, but I found that really sad, for whatever reason.

The last time I was moved and felt like I’m gonna cry and wanted to, but couldn’t, was when I was listening to my current crush Gwilym Bowen Rhys’s latest album a few days ago, and that’s not very weird, I often feel very moved listening to my crushes’ music, even if it’s not particularly sad, but just when it’s expressive and/or beautiful. I was listening to this album as a whole for third time, this time just to immerse in it, but it still speaks to me.

How about you? What was the thing that moved you so strongly? 🙂

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Ask me anything about Poland.

Today is the anniversary of Warsaw Uprising during the WWII, which is quite an important date for Polish people.

Because of this, I thought I should celebrate it on here as well, in a way that could be both fun and educating.

Is there anything, important or just trivial, or in between, that you’d like to know about Poland, or Polish people, or Polish language?

Ask me in the comments, and I will be happy to answer your questions. I can’t promise you I know everything about Poland, Polish people and language, because I don’t, but I am Polish, so I know a lot, plus being Polish I know very many Polish people I can ask, so that way I’ll be learning too.

If there will be any questions that I’ll think deserve some more in depth answer, or that would be particularly interesting for me, I might do a separate post with the answer, we’ll just see how it goes.

So yeah, don’t be shy, just ask me. 🙂

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Question of the day.

What was the last thing you doodled on a piece of paper?

My answer:

Doodling sounds like a fab activity, but since I am blind, in my case it’s rather pointless and not the easiest thing to do, I guess. So I don’t thik I’ve ever doodled anything in my entire life. 😀

How about you? 🙂

Some questions on reading, books and Goodreads.

So today I’ve found a little survey on BTN message board about Goodreads, books and reading and thought I’d ask you the same questions, just for fun, and will answer them as well. Feel free to join in, either in the comments, or in your own post, don’t forget to pingback. 🙂 You don’t have to have Goodreads to answer most of these questions, if you don’t, just skip the ones that don’t apply to you.

Do you use Goodreads?

I have a Goodreads account, but I hardly ever use it nowadays, I used to do it more in the past.

What do you think of book social media in general? Does it make you want to read more, does it discourage you from reading long books because you want to read as many books as possible, does it make you feel pressured to read certain things etc.?

Book social media are a generally good thing and it’s good that they promote reading, I think. However I myself don’t use them excessively, and, although I like to use them from time to time for some book recommendations, they don’t influence me that much in my book choices. However what I find slightly amusing is how people tend to read books as if it was sort of competition, who will read more. It’s good that book social media encourage people to read more and more, like Goodreads, which lets people set a goal for every year, how many books they want to read, but in my opinion, what is far more important, is what you read, than how much. It’s sad that people tend to read less nowadays, than in the past, but even if they’ll read three books in a year, but will enjoy them, get something valuable out of tem, learn something new, it’s much better than if they’d read 50 rubbish books, or such that aren’t completely of interest for them, just because they’re popular. I feel like if you want to read for the sake of quantity, you can’t really focus on the book you read, because you still think how much you still have left to achieve your goal, try to hurry up with reading, and so often don’t get out of the book as much as if you wouldn’t be so crazy as for how much you read. But I might be wrong, for me numbers were never particularly important, and I always appreciate quality way more than quantity. As for feeling pressured to read certain things, no, it’s actually otherwise. Often I don’t read things that are popular, unless I truly see something valuable in them for me personally, something I could truly enjoy. I never read something because others do it. I’ve never read “Twilight” or “Harry Potter” – well, those two I also haven’t read because they’re against many of my views, but that’s another thing. – So if I see something’s very popular, yes, I might look at reviews, or ask people about what they like in this book so much, but unless I just don’t feel it in my gut that I can like it, I don’t read it.

Do you care about the rating scale? What is your opinion about 5 star ratings for books?

Ratings, in whatever field, have been always a rather tricky thing for me. I dunno, maybe it’s again my brain that is allergic to numbers and finds them quite abstractive. If I rate books, I tend to look individually at each one, so sometimes my ratings may seem sort of inconsistent logically, and I never care about others’ ratings, it’s just a little scale and it can’t say much about your impressions, plus numbers are so boring. I much prefer reviews.

What shelves do you have (if not on Goodreads, do you have a physical TBR shelf, favourites shelf etc.)?

I don’t have any particular shelves on Goodreads nor other websites recommending books, I just have everything I read cramped on one shelf, I guess I’m too chaotic and not systematic enough to make it more organised. The books I have, I have also in one big folder, without any particular order. I do have physical bookshelves in my room with physical books I bought, mainly Swedish ones or books about names, etc. but once I scanned them, they only have a decorative function, and a bit sentimental, since I love all of them so wouldn’t sell them or anything and want to have them in my room even if I can’t read them physically. And they’re pretty organised, usually according to the genre.

Do you d reading challenges and/or trivia?

I used to in the past a lot, but now almost not at all.

Do you write reviews?

I used to on my Polish blogs, but very inconsistently, nowadays I don’t do it, but when I read an interesting book, I often take notes and put them into my diary so that I can remember my impressions later on.

Do the reviews often change your mind or whether you want to read something?

Usually not, but it may happen at times. Sometimes, when I look for something new to read, I check my recommendations in Goodreads or its sort of Polish equivalent Biblionetka, and then when I can’t decide if I’d really like to read a book that is recommended to me, I look into reviews, and sometimes they help me to make the decision. Also when I find a book particularly interesting, I like to read some reviews after I finish it, to compare my impressions with others’. I also regularly check reviews of my favourite authors’ books, but since they’re my favourite authors, reviews rather aren’t able to change my mind and discourage me from reading their new book, even when they’re very critical.

Do you follow authors (if not on Goodreads, on any social media)?

Not really, I only tend to check my all time most favourite Polish author – Małgorzata Musierowicz’s – website, because she has a sort of blog and often writes very interesting things, and in an awesome style, but recently I don’t do it very regularly.

Do you trust the “recommendations” algorithm?

I never blindly get a book to read just because I saw it in my recommendations on whichever site, I first always look if it can actually interest me. ANd it can be really different.

Best and worst books you’ve read because of Goodreads (if you’ve read anything because of Goodreads)?

It was a long time since I’ve read anything because it was recommended to me by Goodreads, so I just can’t remember. And as for the worst books, if I feel like something is bad, and just can’t get through it, and really don’t have a strong motivation to read it, I usually just leave it, why force to read something you don’t like.

I’m curious about your answers. 🙂

Question of the day.

Did you have coffee or tea, this morning? If so, how did you take it?

My answer:

I often have both, coffee before breakfast and then tea with breakfast, but today I just had tea. Raspberry tea. It’s my favourite one right now. Mum bought lump sugar recently, we don’t usually use it but she just said it’s more fun haha, so we’re now using it, so I’ve had raspberry tea with two sugars.

How about you? 🙂

Question of the day.

What was the last thing you texted (add context if you’d like)?

My answer:

The last thing I texted was last Saturday (now you get the idea how often I text with anyone 😀 ) and it was to Zofijka: “Sofi if you want to talk to Mum call me her phone is dead”. And that’s about it.

How about you? 🙂

Question of the day.

If you HAD to pick a favourite sport, what would it be? You can’t say “none” or “pass”.

My answer:

Horse riding, obviously! I haven’t been riding for more than half a year now myself because of my instructor not being available, my exams, skin infections and other adventures, but I like to learn more about it, even if I can’t ride. And I am very disciplined in this matter.

Which would you choose? 🙂

Question of the day.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to?

My answer:

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. We’ll be going to Hel. No, not to hell. 😀 Actually we have a village nearby that is literally called something like Little Hell, but we’re going neither to big or little hell. We’re going to the Hel Peninsula with only one l. Mum, Zofijka, our cousin Dominika and me. We’re going there by train. We’ll have a walk at the beach, the girls will maybe go see the sealarium and we’ll have ice cream, or waffles. I think that’s nice. I’m looking forward to it and I feel like I really need to go out of the house but somewhere else than to our extended family or to do something that needs to be done, I’ll be glad to go.

Also I’m looking forward to my nameday and going with Mum to the Italian restaurant and doing other fun things together. And I’m looking forward to Zofijka’s swimming camp. Zofijka finishes the school year on Friday and we all know she’s always very bored when she doesn’t go to school. It’s not like she likes school, that stage is gone, but she finds it hard to play or find herself things to do on her own, she constantly needs the company, even to watch her playing and admire her, and sometimes it’s pretty annoying for all of us. So I’ll be happy when she’ll go if she’ll be enjoying it. And I think she will.

Anotehr thing I’m looking forward is finishing my current Welsh course level and starting the new one, as well as starting my new Swedish course to improve my skills in this language.

And I’m looking forward to tell you about my two new blogging ideas, particularly about my name game, and I’m terribly curious what you will think about it guys.

Oh, and I am looking forward to 27th June. Not like I’m gonna do anything special on that day, although maybe I’ll come up with something, but it will be the fourth year since I left the boarding school for good, and of course I’m very glad about it and I’m glad so much time has passed since then and that I’ve done so much in that time. In a way it feels very little, but I know that I was able to progress a lot in many fields and process lots of stuff. Maybe I’ll buy tons of junk food and just have a big big treat. 😀

And yes, I’m loking forward, more and more impatiently, for my finals results. It’s slowly driving me crazy you have to wait for them for so long. But I’m sure there are thousands of other graduates across the whole country who are far more stressed about their results, who know what they’d like to do with their lives but all depends on those stupid exams.

What are you looking forward to, if anything? 🙂

Question of the day (10th June).

Is there a movie quote you use on a regular basis?

My answer:

Hmmm, there might be, but right now I can’t think of anything. However my Mum and Dad use a lot of movie quotes so I sometimes just pick them up unconsciously, perhaps not even knowing it’s a movie quote.

How about you? 🙂

Question of the day.

What’s the spiciest thing you’ve ever eaten?
My answer:
Hmmmm… the spiciest thing? That’s a tricky one… because I’ve eaten so many spicy things, I love spicy things, and sometimes people say they’re so spicy that they’re uneatable, but I like them. I really can’t recall something that would be so spicy that I just couldn’t eat it, would choke or have red eyes or something. And, if I’m honest, I’d like to eat something like this once to feel how it is. I don’t know what’s wrong, whether I am sorta too immune to spicy things or people around me are too sensitive, but it just needs to be very very spicy for others to affect me at all. I can’t say I like ANYTHING spicy, I think there should be more to a dish to like it then just that it’s spicy or salty or sweet, but I like the vast majority of spicy things. But… um… let’s think… recently we had tortilla and my mum got a very hot sauce to it, something starting with Z, it was just… heavenly, I just loved it so much, and yeah, it was spicy, my Mum couldn’t ieat it, Zofijka couldn’t, Olek didn’t even try, only me and my Dad could and it felt very hot, but I hope there are more spicy things in the world, if not, that’s a pity, because I believe it still could be more spicy and it could be even more heavenly, I believe there are spicier things haha. How about you? 🙂

Liebster Award.

So just a while ago I was nominated for a Liebster Award by lovely Carol Anne at

Therapy BitsThank you so much, Carol Anne. 🙂



• Thank the person who nominated you
• Answer 11 questions about yourself provided by your nominatoror 11 random facts
• Nominate 5-11 fellow bloggers with fewer than 1000 followers who you think deserve the award
• Create a new list of questions for your nominees
• List the rules in your post
• Let your nominees know of your nomination personally

Questions from Carol Anne

1 what is the longest you’ve gone without sleep?
Completely without sleep it would be around 72 hours when I was 10.

2 do you like icecream?
Sure, but it also depends what kind of ice cream it is.

3 what is your favourite type of food?
Oooh lots of things. But to narrow it down possibly I’ll say lots of spicy, salty, and sweet things – but maybe not together lol – Italian, Mexican, Indian, French and Moroccan food.

4 are you a fast reader?
Yeah, too fast I guess. 😀 I wish I could just relish a book, but it always goes by so quickly.

5 what is your favourite kinda weather?
I like when it’s warm, but not too hot. And I have nothing against reasonable amounts of rain. I love ice! I’ve been obsessively fascinated with ice since early childhood, don’t ask me why, I have no idea.

6 do you have netflix?
Not I myself, but my Mum does and sometimes we watch stuff, but rather rarely.

7 are you glad to have th e internet or could you do without it?
Without the Internet? Is it possible? :O Quite shocking. But pointless. 😀 Well at least I can’t imagine how I could do without the Internet.

8 do you own an amazon echo?

9 where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Ugh, I’ve had so many ideas over the last three years. But I still have no clear and realistic idea. And no matter how much I think about it and whether it’s 5 or 10 years it feels always very scary to think about it.

10 do you have a best friend?
Complicated thing. Practically I don’t think I could say that I’ve ever had one, although nowadays I have many good friends online, not sure though whether I can call any of them my best friends or whether they would like it.There was one guy whom I still consider my friend and thought he’s my best friend for a long time, but now I really don’t know what to think about it since he seems like he doesn’t want to keep in touch with me any longer. I didn’t want to pressure anything on him as I’ve known very well what it means to have an intrusive and clingy friend so didn’t want to appear this way to him, but when he didn’t even answer when I sent him Christmas wishes I had no other choice than to realise that for some reason he doesn’t want us to be friends anymore, and I respect it, although some part of me still believes it is just a horrible mistake or something and he will get back to me, even though soon it will be a year since we last talked. 😀

11 what is your favourite personality trait in your friends?

There are many personality traits I like/appreciate/admire/value in people and would like to see them in my friends. Like sense of humour, intelligence, sensitivity, and all those traits that generally a good friend should have

This time, I’m not going to nominate anyone, although if you’d like to be nominated, just consider yourself nominated and you can make a post and answer my questions which are here.

   My questions:

1. Do you have any song/book or any other piece of art which speaks to you so much that you have an impression it’s especially for you, or about you? What is it, and  why?

2. When you think about the word comfy, what association comes first to your mind?

3. If you could be a mythical character, be it a god/goddess or any other creature, from any mythology, who would you be and why?

4. Which crisps/potato chips flavour is your favourite?

5. DO you have any favourite English accent/dialect?

6. What is your most favourite sound?

7. What MBTI personality type are you?

8. If you had to change your name, but keep your initials, how would you name yourself?

9. What personality trait do you like the most in yourself?

10. Is there any famous person you’d like to be friends with? Why?

11. Are you a heavy sleeper?


Question of the day.

Share a link to a music video you think is great (not necessarily a great song but visual a very good video).

My answer:

Well I’m certainly not an expert at music videos (he he he), but I’ve been told this one is good. This singer – Kayah – was for a long time my Mum’s favourite female vocalist – my Mum likes kinda androgynous female singers, or black singers, like Sade for example, other than that she only listens to male vocalists, maybe because she herself is kinda tomboy. This woman is a very popular Polish celebrity, but sometime ago she started to come out with her views which were glaringly contrasting to my Mum’s, and so she doesn’t like her so much now anymore. But she watched this video and she says it’s beautiful and from what she told me it really seems so. When she showed it to me yesterday I got an impression it has a sorta pagan feel, on which my Mum agreed with me, today I realised it was purposeful to make it feel pagan, but it’s not too pagan as for my standards, like there’s nothing literally refering to any culture/religion or anything. It’s just about the relationship of the human with the nature, unity of a woman and a man, which are natural, beautiful and obvious things. You can also feel some old Slavic influences, I guess they were inspired by Slavic mythology or something. The guy who directed this is one of the directors of The Witcher, the composer of the song is atanas Valkov who is a Polish music producer, multiinstrumentalist and composer of Bulgarian descent. The song is called Czarna Polana (Black Glade). I think it sounds fantastic and the overall effect must be indeed beautiful.

I thought I’d translate the lyrics as they’re fairly easy so you’d get some idea what it’s about, although I’m sorry if it’s not quite the best stylistically:

   I am close

You do not have to be afraid anymore

You will find everything in me.

Because that is how much I can give.

When you are close

The world does not scare me

And when you give me your hand

It will become a whole.

I am nowhere without you

You are nowhere without me

I am nowhere without you, no

I am nowhere without you

You are nowhere without me

I am nowhere without you, no.

Always close

no need to be afraid anymore

You and me are one

As long as the life is lasting.


I am nowhere without you

You are nowhere without me

I am nowhere without you, no

I am nowhere without you

You are nowhere without me

I am nowhere without you, no

I am nowhere without you

You are nowhere without me

I am nowhere without you, no

I am nowhere without you

You are nowhere without me

I am nowhere without you, no.

I am close

You do not have to be afraid anymore

You will find everything in me

Because that is how much I can give.

When you are close

The world does not scare me

And when you give me your hand

It will become a whole.

Yours? 🙂

Question of the day.

Do you wear makeup every day.

My answer:

Absolutely not. Moreover, I hardly ever wear makeup. There are four reasons for it. First – being blind and having other issues I can’t do it really well, so I have to rely on usually my Mum to do it for me. My Mum doesn’t like doing it even for herself, and I must say I am not a fan of people palpating my face and doing all those girly stuff just to look good for people for an hour or two, so why bother. 😀 There is always so much hassle around it, I just don’t need it on a daily or even weekly basis, it’s such a waste of time.

The second reason is that I don’t feel like I have enough rich social life to need to wear makeup often. And I don’t see much sense in wearing makeup staying at home just for yourself. Well some people say you should look good for yourself too to feel good with yourself and I agree, but I think makeup doesn’t change me that much plus I generally don’t like myself so can’t feel completely good with myself either way.

Third is that a whole lot of the cosmetics mess up with my skin and I am allergic to many of them.

And fourth is that usually I feel much better with myself being natural, sometimes it just embarrasses me when I have a lot of stuff on my face and feel a bit not like me.

So actually I don’t even remember when was the last time I had makeup on. I guess it could be sometime before Christmas, we were playing with Zofijka, we had an idea for a kinda crazy roleplay, and we both had tons of strong glaring makeup, high-heels, lots of jewellery and we looked very trashy and glittery on purpose and it was funny and ridiculous.

Sometimes I do darken and underline my eyebrows, even when I don’t go out anywhere, because I don’t like how thin and light they are naturally.

How about you? 🙂

Questions and answers.

Ashley over at Mental Health @ Home

has provided her readers with some questions which she was asked by people who nominated her for various awards so thought I’d answer them too, the more that Meg says it’s my turn now.

answer them too if you’d like, I’d love to see your answers. 🙂

Questions from Michele – The Hippy Chic

Whom do you have in your day to day life that inspires you?

My Mum, with her attitude to life, love, support and lots of good advices, my sis – with her crazy ideas and her child-like outlook on things, my grandad – with his versatility, believing in me, strength and sense of safety and uncoditional acceptance he gives me, my crushes with their music and all about them, my favourite writers with beauty of their books, my cat Misha with his beauty and emotional support he gives me every day and night.

What crises has God pulled you through recently?

The whole drama of exams and related stuff, and my emotional turmoil that was the consequence of it all.

List 5 healthy coping strategies you have incorporated into your life that have replaced any bad habits or addictions?

Writing my emotions and thoughts out instead of bottling them up or cutting is the one that comes to my mind right now, well I still bottle up and cut but not as much as in the past.

What is your all time favorite band?

All time favourite… well I have lots of all time favourite artists, but for some reason they’re mostly vocalists. Does Enya count as a band? Enya, Nicky and Roma Ryan actually say they’re a band named Enya.

Are you happy?

As most of people, I guess I’m somewhere in the middle. I can’t say I’m unhappy, even though I’m depressive most of the time and I was unhappy for most of my life, it would be a huge lie to say that I’m unhappy now. I can’t say I’m happy though, because I’m not happy all the time. I still think I’m lucky as for a person with a depressive disorder because I do experience some glimpses of happiness here and there and am not anhedonic all the time which helps me enjoy the life and cultivate my passions.

What is your favourite movie and why?

“Rännstensungar” – it is a Swedish film and I don’t think it has an English translation or subtitles. I mostly like it because one of my music crushes – Cornelis Vreeswijk – plays a role there, and does it really well. I like the character he plays and I like the plot of the film, also because a huge part of it is disability.

If you could dine with your hero, who would that be?

Mmm, my hero… in what context? Generally if you’d ask me who is my hero I’d say God, and yes, it would be a very interesting, thrilling and nice perspective to have a dinner with Jesus or with the whole Holy Trinity. In more colloquial sense of the word hero, I could say all of my music crushes are my heroes, inspirations, and much more. The English word crush doesn’t really cover all that they’re for me, but something deeper would be too exalted, I suppose. Anyway, yes, I think I’m gonna pick all my crushes cuz they’re all equal for me and they are Enya, Declan Galbraith, Cornelis Vreeswijk and Gwilym Bowen Rhys. Well diningwith Vreeswijk is as realistic as dining with Jesus since he has passed away 30 years ago, but oh well… dreams… 😀

How do you give back or pay it forward?

If I understand the expression well, I try to be as supportive and helpful for my friends as I can when they need it. I am also in a sort of prayer group online where we pray for souls suffering in purgatory.

In what way does music impact your life?

In a whole lot of ways. It gives me inspiration, harmonises with my emotions, is a gate to my Dreamland, soothes my anxiety, helps me to recover after loads of social interactions, enriches my life, and affects me also in many other positive ways that sometimes ae even a bit hard to explain. There are also bad ways in which music can impact me. Some sounds can make me anxious, most often it’s just like a slight disquiet in my brain, but sometimes the anxiety can last for quite a while and be very hard to cope with. Sometimes such sounds can be in music. But it is also music that is the best cure for me for this kind of anxiety. Well maybe not, the best cure is time, but some right kind of music works the best to help me survive while the anxiety is still there.

What gets you excited, or willing to rise every morning?

Misha meowing at my door to let him out of the room. He usually sleeps with me through the night but wakes up between 3-7 AM, so if I want him to sleep with me, I also need to let him out. And I can’t leave the door open because he won’t go to sleep then, plus I’m simply not used to sleep with my door wide open. I am a very heavy sleeper if I can sleep well, but when Misha meows I wake up immediately.

Do you consider yourself worthy of love and admiration?


Questions from A Guy Called Bloke And K9 Doodlepip

Apparently these questions should be answered on a dirty used sock. There are profuse amounts of such in my house, however I highly doubt there is a way you can put it into a Brailler, I’m afraid my embosser wouldn’t handle a sock either. 😀

WhAt is the WEirDeSt thing about you?

Hmmmmmm… well honestly I’ve just been sitting at this question for a while thinking about all those absurdly weird things about me and sighing and finally my Mum came in and saved me, cus I just don’t know which of all those is the weirdest. She says the weirdest thing about me is that despite my disabilities my IQ seems to be above average from all the tests I’ve been through. I mean, I was born with DeMorsier syndrome which’s an endocrynological condition and most of children born with it are retarded, most of them (including me) have hypothyroidism. Wise people say that all the children who are born with hypothyroidism are severely retarded both physically and psychomotorically, which doesn’t seem to be true in my case. That hypothyroidism I apparently have is another weird thing since nowadays I don’t seem to experience any symptoms of it other than mood dips, plus most people with it struggle with overweight while I am underweight and my metabolism is fairly quick, but my hormones still indicate I have hypothyroidism. I wasn’t born premature, rather the opposite but I was in the incubator for quite a while because of some complications and they say it can affect baby’s intellectual development. When I was a toddler it was clear that I’m not delayed intellectually but I had a bunch of autism-like behaviours like I had a whole lot of stims, I wasn’t shy or anxious among other people but I had some bizarre and amusing social behaviours and a bit autism-like way of thinking and relating to people and myself. And When I was like in my early school years it was almost all mysteriously gone. I still do have autistic traits, but apparently not enough to be diagnosed with anything, one of the caretakers at the boarding school was very concerned I might be an Aspie so I had an assessment in that direction but they said I don’t fulfill the criteria for Asperger’s. I kinda like my autism-like part of mind, I must admit, because it gives me some different perspective on various things. My neurologist says I most probably had to have some very mild brain injury that caused my balance coordination and other issues. And my Mum isn’t objective, she thinks I’m intellectually outstanding or something, which I don’t think because I don’t know how it could manifest, but still I think it’s weird that I’ve been through all that as a child and thinking fairly neatly, could agree with my Mum it’s a bit of a miracle. 😀 Ugh, and my lengthy writing is surely a weird thing too, but I guess more common luckily.

If you had a choice to be haunted by a ghost, who would you pick and why?

Again I’m gonna pick Cornelis Vreeswijk, I’ve been dreaming and fantasising about being haunted by him for years hahaha I think it’d be fabulous. Do I still need to explain why him? It would be very very very lengthy, so think twice in case you still think I should, although I’d have nothing against going in depth into it.

Which cartoon character do you resemble the most?

Um, I’m terribly ignorant as for cartoons, so sorry, no idea. :/

Is there anything orange within 10 feet of you right now? WHAT???

Don’t think so, can’t think of anything orange here.

John Belushi in Animal House 1978 is a classic, however if you haven’t seen it, nor care for it, well it isn’t! However the question IS have you ever been involved in a Food Fight?? Fess up, how, when , why?


Have you figured it out yet and if so what is the point? That’s the question, not 2 B or not 2 B but the point?

I haven’t figured it out fully but I’m afraid there is a possibility that there might be  no point at all.

What is the opposite to being scared of heights?

Wondering whether there are any people who are scared of lows and how it feels… I’m scared of heights and my own opposite of it would be feeling grounded.

Now it’s your turn guys. We all know you want to answer them too so come on, don’t pretend it’s not true and don’t hesitate. 🙂