Queen Of Questions.

I’ve seen some of the bloggers I follow taking part in

Queen Of Questions

hosted by The Haunted Wordsmith. So I thought I’ll do it too, ’cause it’s fun, and because the questions are food-themed, they sort of match the short story I’ve just published! 😀

Here goes:


  1. What is your favorite chocolate dessert? I like most chocolatey things, I like plain milk chocolate, chocolate with hazelnuts, various biscuits with chocolate, some chocolate cakes, etc. Yeah most of it all I guess.
  2. Where do you go first in the grocery store? – I guess we don’t have any routine, depends on a shop and what is where and what we need.
  3. You win three minutes of free shopping in the grocery store with an empty cart…what do you fill it with? – Kefir, olives and other veg I like, some fruit like tangerines, grapes, oranges, freezed chips, some crisps or other snacks, raspberry tea… don’t know, whatever I need. That’s just what came to my mind spontaneously and what I usually think of while grocery shopping.
  4. What is your favorite fruit and how do you like to eat it? I like most fruit, except for bananas, papaya, avocado and some others, and I am not a big fan of plums and cherries, well I can eat cherries as such but I hate cherry-flavoured things ugh yuck. But the rest of fruit I like or love, at least those I know so far, and I actually can’t say which one I like the most. Maybe raspberries? Dunno really. Anyway, I usually like to eat them raw, on their own, or in a salad/jelly/cake. My Mum also often makes jams or marmelades or preserves in the summer and they are good too, or she makes what we call kisiel in Poland, it’s such a type of jelly so to say, but it’s thinner and usually served hot, I guess you don’t have a separate word for it in English. You can eat it or if it’s thin enough even drink it.I also like some fruit dried.
  5. You go to a magic cafe where plates fill with whatever you request…what do you get? – Some delicious spaghetti, the best spaghettii in the world. Recently I’ve been really craving for spaghetti for some reason. 😀
  6. How do you like your fish? – Preferably not at all. I’ll it if I’d have to, but I’m not a fan of fish. Oh maybe except for tuna. I quite like it, especially tuna salad.
  7. Do you eat jello (what is your favorite flavor)? – I do, I really like it. Any flavour other than cherry and my other least favourite fruit flavours will do.
  8. What is the most, ahem, “adult” food you can think of? – Adult food? Hmmmmmm in what sense? Maybe some hot food, children don’t seem to like hot things most often.
  9. What food do you eat that might put you in the “old” age? – I think old age food would be all kinds of mashy, pulpy things, or bland, insipid food with little or no spices, or non crispy food. Stuff like bread without crust, completely peeled apples, mashed potatoes, semolina, all sorts of gruels, overcooked meat, etc. you get it, I feel deeply for anyone who has to eat such things unless they are OK with it and it’s their choice, then I don’t understand them.:D
  10. Mall food courts…yes, no, where do you eat? So far I’ve never eaten on a mall food court.