Enya – “Pilgrim”.

Hi people. 🙂

This is gonna be one of my most favourite songs from Enya now. I mean, I love Enya since ages, well, just a couple of years but it feels like ages, and I did love this song before as almost all of her songs, but now I have the real reason for loving it even more. Nothing too big, but it’s just become close to me because of a short, and overall meaningless coincidence, though my Mum says there are no coincidences…

I was just sitting in my room on Monday, feeling kinda low, not depressed but just low and confused and cynnical and self-loathing and very short on hope, and just overwhelmed by emotions. At this moment, I won’t go into details why or what’s been going on, I’ve just had a lot to think about lately and a bit of a dilemma, with which I don’t know what to do at the moment, if I’ll have some more consistent idea of it all and I’ll feel like it’s something important, which it probably is, I’ll write a post about it later on.

Anyways, I was just sitting and thinking as I said and listening to some music meanwhile. I was browsing through my music and suddenly I stumbled upon this song. And it felt like… like in a way someone spoke to me via Enya and her music, like higher power or something. I felt like, in some a bit weird way, the words of this song resonated with me in this moment, and still do, despite I listened to it so many times before and never cared much about the lyrics. It felt like someone was listening to me, or rather my messy brain, and wanted to sort of soothe me. Enya’s music is always very soothing for me, first of all because she’s one of my music crushes, the very first one, and as a child or teen I wanted her to be my another mummy and secretly thought about her that way hahaha, but also because her music just is soothing and helped me through many hard situations and lots of hard times. I didn’t find the answer in this song of course, or anything like this, but just the feeling that I’mnot alone in this, that even if other people might not be able to help me, there is someone there up high listening to me, and creating such apparently meaningless and maybe even silly, but touching coincidences to show me that He cares and help me find the strength to go further.

The song comes from one of my favourite albums of Enya’s “A Day Without Rain”, and not many songs from this album are particularly popular, so I hope you don’t know it yet, and you will like it too. 🙂