Question of the day.

Hi people! 🙂

What’s something new you have tried lately that you either enjoyed or disliked (be it food, music/literature genre, activity etc.)?

My answer:

For me, it was Philadelphia cake, and I enjoyed it a lot. Well actually I’ve googled it before writing this post to see if it’s a thing anywhere else or perhaps if it has a different name in English but I couldn’t come across anything like this, and I know my Mum got it from a Polish website with recipes, so in case you don’t know what it is, it’s a cake with rusks as a base layer, they are crumbled into so called sand and mixed with Nutella or other such chocolate cream until it gets sticky. Other layers are cherry-flavoured jelly as well as cherries, and either natural Greek yoghurt, or Mascarpone cheese (which my Mum used because she loves it) with cream. Mum made it for my grandma’s name day this last Monday, because grandma was ill and couldn’t make a cake herself for her guests, and she had recently eaten that Philadelphia cake at someone’s house and loved it so much and she asked Mum to make it for her. I had my reservations about it, because I generally am not a fan of Mascarpone cheese at all, I hate tiramisu and similar stuff, and I’m not particularly enthusiastic about cherry-flavoured things either, but I actually ended up liking it a lot, and almost couldn’t feel the Mascarpone cheese or in any case not so that it would be a problem for me. Mum wanted to make it today as well ’cause it’s International Women’s Day and just in case someone would visit her, but in the end that didn’t work out as she had to go out while cooling off the jelly and it ended up not edible. 😀 But there were no guests so she didn’t have to worry.

How about you? 🙂