And when will they bring me flowers? Misha’s ponderings on his gender identity, dietary preferences and having hope in humanity.

Hhrrru? 😻

Misha here, if you haven’t figured it out yet. Today is International Women’s Day so I’d like to wish all of you women out there a very happy day. Well it’s ending here, but I just hope it was happy for you. Zofijka says that on 10th March men have their special day and then September 30th is for boys to celebrate. And that presented me with a very serious dilemma… Who am I? Am I a man or a boy? I think I am a man, because I am strong, can catch and kill flies and spiders and all the meat you know so that the women won’t panic, I’m their hero, they say I’m handsome and Mila and Zofijka like to sleep with me. I am 3 years old which is 30 for humans. I am very intelligent and serious and brave and know a lot of things about humans that they don’t even know and even more about cats. But then they always call me “cute boy”, “little boy”, “cheeky boy” and so on and so forth as to suggest that I am a child, a boy. Only a boy. They say how small I am, make all the decisions for me and treat me like a baby. Sometimes I like it, because I get all I want and they like me so much because I’m so cute, I can pulate people to get what I want, they say I am a real pulator because I don’t say anything yet everyone is doing what I want them to do, and that’s apparently pulative. Or however they call it. but sometimes it drives me crazy though when they treat me like a baby, and I hate being so small sometimes. Then there are people who think I am a girl: “Oh God, isn’t she such a lovely kitty?!”. Why does everyone think Misha is a girl’s name only when it’s originally for guys? Well Mila says so but I believe her. I hate being called “she”, I am not a Michelle! My peeps hate it too though so they always defend me. I remember that when I went to the vet and they removed my bits the vet said jokingly to Zofijka: “So now, your cat is no longer a he, it’s an it”. I was mad at him. But luckily my peeps don’t think so, that wasn’t funny at all, I’m not a thing. If I were feeling better then, I would scratch him, but I was too dizzy and wobbly. Luckily I didn’t have to see him again.

Can I be both a man and a boy or do I have to choose one? Or can I choose anything at all? Or maybe it’s just all up to me who I want to be, I just need to pulate others to believe it too? Maybe it’s only reserved for humans and I have to be just a cat. But being a man or a woman must be so fun, you can have another special day for yourself. While I have only two, my birthday and World Cat Day. When is World Human day, by the way, does anyone know? And there’s yet another aspect of those men’s and women’s days. You get flowers! Well, at least women seem to do. I guess men don’t like flowers for some reason, which is a shame, because they smell so nice and you can bite in them, in their leaves, or pick them, and it’s so much fun, I love it. They probably just don’t know what’s really good. I love flowers though, so, it’s so unfair that I don’t get them! I’ve never got flowers! From anyone! Even a single, tiniest flower! It’s so sad. i live in this world for three years and they’ve never found a good enough occasion to give me a flower. Moreover,if someone gets them, they are jealous! I come close to relish the smell, the fresh taste of leaves, or the earthy taste of the water in the flowerpot, and they shout at me: “misha! Go away from there! It’s not for you! Are you a herbivore or what?!”. So what if I am? They can eat anything, even some awfully smelling, greasy stuff that they call fries that makes the whole kitchen more smelly than my litter box, and no one tells them off. And they tell me off just because they think I should eat meat. I tell you, they’re just jealous about their flowers. I bet that when I can’t see they do the same and bite into them, just don’t want to share with me! But if they got me my own flowers, there won’t be any problem. I’d have my own flowers and wouldn’t share with them, and they’d have their own and I wouldn’t care, there would be peace. Even if I broke my pot, it would be mine so they wouldn’t have to care. The bad thing is that when I sometimes get too absorbed with flowers and eat too much of this delicacy when no one sees I get sick, but, to me, that’s a very small price.

I am generally an optimist though, and always like to be hopeful. Dad was going out somewhere in the morning, and then I saw him coming back with bunches of flowers. My heart was jumping up high with excitement as I awaited, that, maybe this time, I’ll get my very own flowers. At least a little, very little one flower. They smelled so stunningly and sweetly, they were hyacinths. But there were none for me. There is such a Polish proverb that hope is the mother of fools, it seems to be very right. But I told myself that maybe not all is lost. After a few hours, the door bell rang. It was Mila’s and Zofijka’s uncle stopping by, and again, I could feel the smell of flowers, and my heart jumping cheerfully. I deluded myself that because Mum and Zofijka were out, maybe one bunch of these tulips will be for me. But nope. Not happening. Stupid jerks. And as if it wasn’t enough, Olek came back from work a few hours ago with roses. I didn’t know that, I was sleeping deeply when he came, dreaming about pots full of hyacinths and tulips and fresh water and a kind human being encouraging me: “Misha, don’t be so shy, it’s for you, why won’t you take a sip of water to see how it tastes?”. After I woke up, I went to Mila’s room and saw that she had a pot with roses on her desk. I came closer very gently not wanting to knock them over, and Mila shouted at me that I’m a very naughty and stupid Misha and should stop sniffing all the flowers in the house like a freak, and took me away from them.

So, I guess I should give up all my hope. But, I am hopeful, that maybe on the 10th, maybe, just maybe, I’ll wake up to see a bunch of flowers only for me Misha.

Best Mishes to all of you lovely pets and peeps.

Misha. πŸ’œ πŸ’™ πŸ’š

A quick note from Misha.

Hhrrru? 😻

It’s Misha, and it’s World Cat Day today too, yippeeeeee! Any other felines out there? How did you celebrate your special day?

I just wanted to leave a quick note since I couldn’t write last Friday, I always write with Mila’s help as you know, she doesn’t let me on the keyboard on my own, we can only write together via our brain connection or Mila has to assist me when I want to write something on my own, and it’s so terribly unfair because then I can only write my posts or whatever else I want when she can too. And Mila got struck with a tummy bug for the weekend. And she’s scared of throwing up and all that so it was a real nightmare for her, though she didn’t throw up at all in the end, and she is still not very well as I can guess. I hate it too and I have to throw up way more often than the peeps even though I eat less (another very unfair thing, don’t you think?) and then they get cross with me.

I decided to be nice for Mila though in hopes that she’ll let me write my post today and gives me something yummy. And she says I was great, because I was all the time with her when she was very sick, like the most sick, and I purred very loudly, it’s way too loud for me so I almost got a sore throat but who cares, at least I got a nice piece of sausage for that today. And I’m soon going to sleep too but I’d like to tell you that I’m spoiled today because it’s my special day and I got chicken breast in herbs, lots of it, and sausage, and my other cat treats, and my Mish ice cream, that is a sauce. I was all stuffed. The peeps have an obsession today and constantly keep saying that I must have gained a lot of weight because I’m much heavier. So what?! They were constantly nagging at me that I’m too thin and now when I’m finally fluffier something is wrong too! But I like being more plump and bigger and manly and that’s what counts in my opinion.

And everyone is so nice for me!

So, how’s the day been for you, regardless of which species you are and whether you celebrate anything or not? πŸ˜‰

Loud Mishpurrs. 😻

Misha πŸ’œ πŸ’š πŸ’™


Hhrrru? 😻

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for so long. I’ve been very sleepy and lethargic recently. Today I mostly slept too. I have so many places to sleep in that I can barely decide where to sleep next. But I wanted to share one thing with you. It was my birthday last week! My 3rd birthday! So I’m now about 30 for human standards. But my peeps still treat me like a baby. And I still have very mixed feelings about it. It’s funny and nice, but I’d like if they were a little bit more serious with me, I’m not a kid anymore, so what that I’m small. I got lots of treats for my birthday, and lots of sleep too. And it was a very nice, calm and cosy day, just as I like it. But earlier this week, my peeps were very forgetful. They were constantly forgetting to buy me new treats, as there weren’t any anymore, and I even had just a little of my usual food, and they were constantly forgetting to buy it for me. I did have some chicken and a little bit of fish, but I felt a bit hurt that they didn’t remember about my food. THeirs is always important, but Misha doesn’t have to eat. It looked as if that was what they thought. Even Mila didn’t have anything for me, even though I was going everywhere behind her and meowing and constantly asking Mum for treats. Finally yesterday Mummy went shopping and bought me my usual food, and lots and lots and lots of treats. Some very crispy ones and my favourite sausages. I can do anything for those sausages, I’ll even sing if you wish just to get my sausage. They are sooo yummy. And guess what? I even got another bowl. So far I’ve had very nice, porcelain bowls, as for the king, three in the kitchen to eat my meals and snacks and drink water from and one at Mila’s. But now I also have a little plastic bowl with a cat’s head on it. I really like it. It already smells with me and my food. Ain’t I really lucky? I’ve already forgiven the peeps their forgetfulness.

And how are you, peeps and pets, doing? 😍 Did you miss me? Have you also got anything special?

Mishpurrs. :3

Mishka πŸ’œ

I think I like Christmas.

Hhrrru? 😻

This is Misha. How was your Christmas pets and peeps? πŸ’š

Mine was very, very good.

On Christmas Eve I was very excited, there was Christmas tree and lots of paper and cartboard boxes and stuff, I loved it all, and all the Christmas decorations. Before my peeps had dinner, they prayed and talked and stuff so I was just going round the Christmas tree putting down all the decorations that I could reach because I wanted to have a look at them and play with them, and throwing myself at all the mysterious packets and boxes under the tree. Then they started eating and I was sulking a bit because there was no food for me. No meat at all. They didn’t even think about preparing something that I could eat. But then it turned out there are very yummilicious fishies, and I ate some salmon. I sat next to Mila at the table and she fed me. And Dad was angry because he didn’t like it, that I was sitting at the table. But I liked it, and that’s what counts. And he didn’t say why I can’t. And Mila liked it too and we were both happy and Zofijka was laughing. So I stopped sulking and enjoyed my food and I tried to eat very nicely and Mila said I did. But my peeps ate loads and loads of food, it was weird! Mum wanted to give me some, that was not fish, but it smelled gross! So I returned to playing under the tree. And then Zofijka dressed up as Santa and I was a bit afraid of her because I didn’t recognise her at the beginning, and she looked so scary and was shouting so loudly, louder than usual I mean, and took out all that stuff from under the tree. I helped her with it. And it turned out they were presents! ANd there were presents for me too! Just for me! Special presents for Misha! I got a colourful ball that is full of glitter and I can play with it, and lots and lots of treats. There are ones that are very Christmassy and are in the shape of stars and I like them so much yum yum they smell like chicken! And I also got my favourite sauces! A LOT of sauces. I was so sooooo happy! Then I was playing with an empty bag where my presents were before, and Zofijka put me into it and gave me to Mila. I love sitting in bags, being wrapped up in paper, or closed in cartboard boxes. And Zofijka-Santa said this was another present for Mila and she forgot about it because it was hid so well under the tree and said that Mila probably won’t be happy with this present because it looks like it’s something boring and that she won’t like. And Mila saw that I am inside of the bag and she said this is the best present and she likes it the most and that it is such a beautiful present. I was so happy. I am already two years old but I am still the best present! I’m glad they aren’t sick of me yet. But then no one gave me anything to eat from my presents at all that day because the peeps went out somewhere and I was alone. Jocky was alone too and I could hear him crying outside that he wanted to go with them. He’s lucky, he can at least be outside, but what can I say? They don’t even let me out of the house. ☹

I slept through all Christmas day because I was so exhausted after all the playing and emotions I had in the evening.

But on the second day of Christmas I got a lot of treats, and two sauces! But peeps were eating a lot too so why can’t I? And I was playing with Zofika and putting down all the Christmassy decorations and playing with them again. Christmas is real fun! I can’t wait for it to come again. I don’t know why I was so afraid of it.

Mishpurrs. πŸ’œ

Misha πŸ’™

Bedecking the house.

Hi people. πŸ™‚

How are your Christmas preparations going? Do you have much left?

Our house has been fully bedeckedΒ  today. Most of our decorations have been prepared earlier already, but today finally our house has a totally Christmassy feel, as we have the Christmas tree in the living room. It’s a pine, and our Christmas tree decorations haven’t changed much since years. There are some small baubles, but other than that, all the decorations are hand-made by my Mum, including red, heart-shaped sort of pillows that we have on Christmas tree every year, and which always cause a lot of excitement in Misha. He would always draw them down from the tree and then play with them all over the living room, losing them everywhere, biting them dragging them around the house. We usually don’t do anything about it now though, because it’s pointless. He’s got a mind of his own obviously and he knows what he wants, and no one will tell him to do the opposite unless they’d manage to convince him that it’s truly better, and since he’s a big thinker, that takes time. And actually, does it matter? I think it doesn’t. He always looks so cute and funny with those pillow hearts in his mouth, and he never seriously damaged them, they’re still perfectly usable, so I don’t think we should bother, he actually isn’t very playful and I personally always try to encourage him to play when he feels like it rather than turn his attention away from it if he’s not doing any damage, and he does it very rarely, it amazes me continuously how gentle he always (well, almost always) is. Only sometimes he loses control over himself and then things can get a bit messy, but not for too long. πŸ˜€

And I should say that Christmas tree in general is of a great, great interest for Misha. Mmmmm this smell, he loves all the natural smells – leaves, feathers, branches, flowers, all the forest smells, he’s maybe not so keen on animals, but plants, ground and such, he loves it all – he adores the smell of the Christmas tree so much that he smells it as much as he can, picks the branches, pats them with his paws in pure adoration and awe. Sometimes when he’s in an even more romantic mood, he climbs up the tree, or tries, as long as someone won’t stop him, and even happily eats the needles when noone sees, which last year contributed to him being very, very sick, at least for Misha’s standards, as he’s normally very healthy.

And so now as we have the Christmas tree put up and decorated, and pierogi in the freezer, Christmas has begun!



Hhrrru? 😻

It’s your Misha Pisha, how are you peeps and pets doing? I am very excited. I just met another animal, and I think I don’t have to be afraid of him, so maybe we can be friends. His name is Jocky, and he’s a dog, he’s just a few months old and almost the same height as me. Jocky is Zofijka’s dog, she got him for Christmas, but he came yesterday, but I only got to meet him well today. I slept most of the day and I woke up about an hour ago, and came down and Jocky was there. I guess Jocky won’t be living here with us but either in the cellar or on the backyard, but then he was here in the house. And at first I was very scared because I didn’t know him and I am scared of those I don’t know. But he was very friendly and he said he will listen to me and he wants to play with me so we did. Jocky is cool, and he listens to me really and doesn’t want to tell me what I should do, and I am more clever than he so we get along, he is very joyful and even more talkative and happy-go-lucky than Sasha and as lively and noisy as Zofijka, but he can’t run as quickly as I can. Now they closed him in the cellar and he’s crying, he wants to play with me more. But for now I don’t, I need to think about it. But I like him, he is not scary.

Question of the day.

Hi guys. πŸ™‚

The question I have for you today is as follows:

If you had to pick any family member to live with you forever, who would it be?

My answer:

Misha! God please let Misha be the longest living cat on Earth, even if it means that he’d be the most famous one and that I would have to bear nosy visitors from all around the world wanting to see 40-year-old Misha! I couldn’t do without Misha. But if we are talking exclusively about humans, my Mum, I think.

You? πŸ™‚

Yummy treats.

Hhrrru? 😻

This is Misha. A very sleepy Misha. I’m mostly sleeping today cus nothing is really happening. THe peeps are all doing their own business so I am doing mine – sleeping. But there was something this week that I really liked. Zofijka went shopping with her friend yesterday, and she bought me lots and lots of snacks. And now she gives them to me very often and I am happy and purring. I love treats, who doesn’t? The ones Zofijka’s been giving me now are with chicken and cheese, they’re delicious! And there are others too but she wants me to finish them. They say I must deserve my treats but in fact there isn’t much I have to do. Just purr a bit or say hhrrru? or just look nicely or something, sometimes I don’t try at all, but they for example think that I am sitting very cutely and then I get a treat. Isn’t that funny? I wonder whether all pets have it like this, but I guess I’m just lucky, as they always say. Everyone gives me treats and buys me gifts and wants to cuddle with me and play with me and sleep with me. I should feel happy. But sometimes it’s a little annoying and I’d rather be on my own. OK, I’m getting sleepy again, so I’ll be leaving.

I hope you all pets and peeps are having a nice day. πŸ™‚

Mishpurrs. πŸ’œ


I miss my Mummy.

Hhrrru? 😻

It’s Misha. I wonder where is my Mummy. My human Mummy. I saw her very very early today and she gave me my breakfast,it was very early, there was even no sun in the sky, and then she went out, and Dad too, and Olek too, and I still didn’t see them back. Well Olek did come back for a while, but then went to work, I’m used to it, but Mum is home almost all the time. And now when she’s not here, I feel very sad, and don’t know what’s happening. Will she ever be back? I guess Zofijka called her, so it should mean that nothing bad happened, maybe it’s still early and she’ll come back soon, I really don’t know. I hate feeling confused.

I spent most of the day with Mila, we were cuddling, I got lots of snacks and tap water – I love to drink from the tap in the bathroom. – And I slept in my bed for a long time.

And then when I woke up I got scared. I couldn’t see Mila anymore, but I heard some stranger voices and Zofijka and Mila downstairs, and they were all shouting, and talking all at once and laughing. Well, they were laughing, so I suppose nothing wrong was going on, but I was really scared, I am always scared of strangers, and chaos. And when Mum is away, everything is always so chaotic.

Finally things calmed down, it was much quieter everywhere so I got up and went to see if something happened, or if there is some lunch in the kitchen, some very delicious lunch. Nothing particular was going on there, and I had my lunch, but very normal and usual, nothing extraordinary. 😞 Another disadvantage of not having Mum at home. I swear I could smell some dairy yummy things, but I couldn’t find anything, the peeps didn’t bother sharing with me. So I went downstairs and lied on Zofijka’s wardrobe. Zofijka’s gone too now, but I don’t really care about her at the moment. She didn’t even talk to me today, she usually does talk to me a lot, and I talk to her.

I better go to sleep, and maybe when I wake up, everything will be as it should be again, and maybe I’ll get some very special treat.

I am a sad and confused and resentful Misha today.

Mishpurrs. |-)

Misha πŸ’™

A description of Misha.

Hey people! πŸ™‚

I thought I would do some a bit more creative writing, I mean apart from my series and other stuff like that, just challenge myself a little bit more, as I hadn’t done anything like this for a while I feel, but didn’t have much of an idea what it could be. So I decided to look at the writing prompt for today at Word Of The Day Challenge, and saw that it is Oblong.

What can you write with this word in mind? What first came to my mind was a short story, with someone who would have oblong face as a main character – I absolutely love describing my characters thoroughly and very imaginatively, from their hair colour to their features to their style – but so far all my short stories are in Polish and somehow I don’t feel ready yet to write any in English, I still read much more in Polish than in English – when it comes to books at least, it’s quite the opposite online πŸ˜€ – so I feel like I should read much more before I start writing short stories in English.

So I started to think about all the oblong things in my room to find some inspiration, as I was determined to write something inspired by this – quite cool actually – word. There are some oblong things in my room, but I didn’t feel like many of them deserved any particular attention and a separate post in honour of them, other than my gem stones, some of them are oblong, and I could write a post about them, which sounded as a lovely idea.

But I thought that after all we live in a highly visual world, so I’d need at least some pictures (at least of those oblong stones, if not all of my stones πŸ˜€ ) to accompany my post. And right now I am not able to get anyone to take them for me, so, maybe another time, my collection is really big so you really have to have a lot of free time and good will to engage in taking photos of all of them.

So finally, as you may already suspect from the title, I decided to make Misha the hero of this post. Again. ‘Cause if you know Misha (or any Russian cat I’d suppose), thinking about something oblong you can’t not think about his little face.

You can see Misha in the logo of my blog, but there are also people who are blind/visually impaired who read my blog, so I thought a description of Misha should give them some more idea about him, and also, as I said, I really enjoy describing people, nature, weather, places, whatever! So why not Misha.

I am not sure how accurately and clearly, and how much of Misha you can see from the photo on my blog, anyway, I hope that those of you who can see it, will also enjoy this description.

Here goes:

Misha is an embodiment of gracefulness, refinement, charm, class and proportion. I feel tempted to say he’s also an embodiment of feline perfection, but saying that would probably show how blinded and doting I am. All Russian blues are like this, I mean classy and fairly proportional, but being able to know Sasha, as well as my aunt’s Russian blue cat – Flocky – I can easily say that Misha is far more classy and sophisticated in his looks than they are. Misha has an air of gentleness, fineness and calmness surrounding him. He’s not always that calm, he’s often very shy and anxious, but unless he’s not in very significant distress, he still emanates with that calm charm. Yet he’s not only gentle. There is also lots of strength in him – as much his body and his spirits. – He is small, agile, slim, thin actually, and shapely, and has well-buil muscles, you wouldn’t call him “muscular”, at least that’s not one of the adjectives you would come up as first, still though, you can easily see how strong and well developed his muscles are. You can also feel his bones, he’s really pretty thin. He is of rather calm and passive nature but when he has a good reason, he can run very fast, jump and climb high, is very swift and light. But also there is carefulness in his movement, as if he really had it in mind to not knock anything over or not destroy anything, it very rarely happens that he makes any mischiefs like that. He is also really composed when playing with other beings most times, and often finds it hard to actually relax and play and be carefree. When he does play though and feels well, sometimes he may lose his control and really show all his strength and agility, as well as the sharpness of his teeth.

Misha’s fur is grey, but it has a bit of a blue glow, that’s why Russian blues are called Russian blues. SOmetimes it looks like silver, for example in the sun, and it seems as if it was shining and shimmering. That makes Misha easier to find in the wild world if he happens to escape. His fur is also double-layered, and very thick, although really short at the same time. Its thickness though, makes it feel like a coat a bit, and makes it really warm and comfy. It’s also incredibly soft, silky, and smooth. That softness and smoothness and thickness once let Zofijka to the conclusion that Misha’s fur is “like a whipped cream when you touch it”. πŸ˜€ You know, in its consistence, sort of.Indeed, I must say that was an incredibly accurate comparison, although rather peculiar, ’cause Misha’s fur truly feels sort of “creamy” when you touch it. Or like a gorgeously soft and fluffy teddybear. We have lots of comparisons for Misha’s fur with Zofijka, as well as all his body parts and other stuff regarding him, we also have a whole lot of nicknames for him, but that’s another thing.

Misha’s head is small and round, and very proportional. It’s a pure pleasure to look at it. It’s just such a little, cute Mishball, soft and fluffy and delicate.

Yet his ears are big. ANd that was a surprise for us, I mean we wouldn’t suppose them to be that big. They’re not like extreme, they’re normal for a Russian blue, but we didn’t know that Russian blues have naturally rather big ears. Sometimes when I have any contact with cats of other breeds or mixed, it feels so shocking to feel how small their ears are in comparison to Misha’s haha. He’s ears are pointed, and very sensitive for touch, his hearing is also very sensitive, though I think it’s true for all cats in a way. He hates loud, particularly sudden noises. But it’s true for his whole little body that it is very sensitive for touch, I guess it’s some sort of nervous reaction, that sometimes he absolutely refuses to be touched, or will immediately lick or scratch himself whenever you touch him in that same place.

Misha’s nose is small and pinkish, another very proportional, little Mishball. πŸ˜€ Zofijka loves it. She likes to play with him as sometimes people play with babies or toddlers – puts her finger on his nose, presses it lightly and says “beeep!”. Wonder if it doesn’t piss him off sometimes, we all treat him like a child, but I guess he’s not that childish hahaha. At the same time though I can understand Zofijka ’cause his nose is really cute.

Misha’s eyes are bright green. Like very very green! People always love them, they are so mesmerising, their look is piercing, some people say that it can actually be unpleasant, or embarrassing in a way. But you can also see lots of intelligence in them, after all Russian blues are really fairly intelligent cats and I came across lots of people visiting us and commenting: “Wow, that cat of yours looks really quite brainy, didn’t you think about training him?” or things like that. And if you’re curious too, no, we didn’t think about training him, not seriously anyway, he seems too nervous and squeamish, and way too individualistic to just be trained and listen to our orders, even if he understands them. And we don’t have him to show him off, at least not in the first place, my Mum actually likes showing off with him sometimes haha, and I do too.

Misha’s whole face, as I said earlier, is oblong, but not too oblong, it’s really proportional. My aunt’s cat has actually much more oblong face and it makes him look a bit unfriendly. Misha’s face is just right. And he likes being stroked under his chin, among other places.

As I already mentioned, he’s very shapely and thin. If you move your hand down his spine you can feel all the bones and vertebrae and all. He has a really nice and soft belly, it’s almost always warm and we like to lightly lie on it, me and Zofijka, and listen to all his gurgles and his heartbeat and occasional purrs – as I told you many times before his purrs aren’t really loud and not as common as in most other cats, and his purrs seem to rather be self-assuring than signalising comfort and happiness. He has a little crease a bit below his belly which apparently is a common thing in sterilised male cats, and my Dad is always laughing at him how it’s moving when he is running or something.

His paws are small and oval, they’re really pretty small and cute and rather thin, but strong, they are lavender,so apparently just as they should be in Russian blues. And their insides are very smooth. Have you ever looked closely or touched a cat’s paws with some attention? Outdoor cats always have rather harsh and rough paws, while Misha’s paws are like a little baby’s. It never stops to amaze me, and I really like to touch them and hold them. And they’re so very proportional and elegant as well.

And Misha’s legs are really quite long, despite those small paws. That’s why he runs so fast I guess. Actually, you could generally describe him as “long”. When Misha lies straight, you can really see how long and slim he is, just an oblong shape with head and tail. I like to look at him lying like that, lying on his back, stretched for all his length.

Oh, and Misha’s tail, I nearly forgot about it. It’s also very soft, and nice to touch, and it’s relatively long. And it has stripes, but almost unnoticeable. THey were more visible apparently when he was younger. Sasha also has striped tail, and it’s apparently visible in most Russian blue kittens, and then is less noticeable.

So, that would be my description of Misha, and I hope you enjoyed it and that it gave you some more idea of what he’s like. πŸ™‚


Question of the day.

Where do you need to restore balance?

My answer:

In the amount of snacks I give Misha. Usually I give them to him to bribe him, like to stay with me or something, sometimes if there is a more chaotic day it happens that he gets a snack instead of a regular meal, or a couple of snacks actually. Also it is all very chaotic generally because he is normally fed in the kitchen – like gets his usual meals, some human treats and snacks – but then there is Zofijka and me and we also have our own snacks for him, so it looks like that whenever someone comes into the kitchen and prepares/eats something, and Misha is around, they feed him, not consulting it with anyone and not caring whether maybe he just ate something five minutes ago. He’ll come to either me or Zofijka and will usually get a snack too, ’cause oh well you know he’s so cute.

Our luck is that Misha isn’t your average voracious cat who will eat and eat and eat until it literally bursts, he’s actually often very fussy and has better things to do than eating, and he knows that there is food all the time, also his metabolism is very fast and he’s incredibly slim, almost skin and bones. Well not like emaciated or something but yeah, very slim, you can easily feel all his bones and he’s actually small. So physically it doesn’t seem to affect him, at least so far, but I think that – although of course he does like his food – it still isn’t healthy for him both physically and emotionally, because he also seems to like when things are consistent, or that’s how it looks like to me anyway. And boy I wouldn’t like him to become a stereotypical, obese, lazy cat, that isn’t interested in anything else other than his food.

If you want to change the world, you need to start from yourself, so a couple days ago I decided to cut off the amounts of snacks and other food I give Misha and be more careful of that, and also talked to Zofijka about this. My Mum agrees with me, but, you know how it is, until everyone gets used to something, some time must pass, so yeah, for now at least I try to not be too generous for Misha hahaha.

He is a cute child, he amazes me every day how just good-natured and clever he is, plus he seems to become more and more beautiful every hour, and he deserves all the best in the world, but I am not sure if he deserves being overfed, I want him to be the longest living cat in the world. πŸ˜€

How about you?

Winter is coming. Zzzzzzzz… πŸ˜΄

Hhrrru? πŸ’™

It’s me Misha. (yawn) πŸ˜ͺ How are you peeps and pets doing? I am not doing much lately. Just sleeping a lot. I’m very sleepy. It’s sunny today, but no crows, no magpies, nothing, so I’m very sleepy, I don’t have to be stressed out about anything, except for Zofijka. But Zofijka says everyone needs a little bit of adrenalin because otherwise life is boring. Maybe she’s right. I don’t really know what to write about, because not much has been happening recently, and because I am very sleepy at the moment and don’t feel like thinking too much. The peeps say I’m very cuddly and social recently. ‘Cause indeed I feel more like socialising and purring and snuggling up and stuff. Maybe it’s that finally I don’t have to worry too much about such babies like Sasha, and maybe it’s the time of year, or I’m just getting old. I don’t mind being stroked or even forced to stay in bed with Zofijka as much as I did in the past. I’m so sleepy. I’m going to sleep right now, and that’s what I suggest you all do.

Mishpurrs. πŸ€—

Misha Pisha Shmisha Qisha Fisha πŸ’œ 😻

But where is Sasha?


This is Misha. I am sort of confused today. I just woke up. I slept a couple of hours on Zofijka’s wardrobe. I went downstairs to eat and check how everything is going and what the peeps and Sasha are doing, and I can’t find Sasha. I hhrrrued and walked around looking for him everywhere, but he doesn’t seem to be here. Maybe he escaped, as I did in the past? Zofijka said he has a new home, but I am not sure how I should understand it. I don’t even know how i feel about it. In a way I feel anxious, because I always want to be in control of everything here, it’s my house so I think I have the right to be, and now I don’t know where he’s gone. Maybe something bad happened to him? Maybe they got rid of him and they will throw me out too? On the other hand I am a bit sad. ‘Cause if that that Zofijka says is true, that he has a new home, he won’t have a home here anymore, right? You can’t have two homes, can you? I think I couldn’t. You can have two houses from what I know, my peeps had two houses for a while and were constantly moving from one to another, but I lived in only one and it was my home, and then when they finally moved to the other one and now have only one house, of course I moved in here too and now it’s my home, not that old house anymore. So, will I ever see Sasha again? Where is he? We weren’t getting along the best, but he was a nice buddy, and always so sweet to me, I know he liked me a lot and always wanted to be with me, I think he thought I’m his mummy or something, stupid baby. Oops, I forgot, I promised never call him baby anymore!

Anyway, he was nice to play with, sometimes, and I liked to chat to him, and show him things, and clean him (he can’t clean himself properly, ya know? at least not his rear end). And he is just such a child and doesn’t know almost anything, but is always smiling, he was even smiling at me when I was looking at him all the time and observing him to not go where he shouldn’t, or do something he shouldn’t do. Even though I know it was stressful for him, it all was, but he was always smiling and was always very cheerful, and whenever I let him lie beside me or on me he purred so very loud as if he was in heaven, even though I didn’t really like to be so close to him, he smells weird despite all the cleaning. And he was always eating so much. He always ate all that I didn’t like, so I didn’t have to care and could only eat what I liked and leave the rest for Sasha, he would happily eat anything, seriously. His food or mine, or human, or dog food, after our dog Bobby, whatever, he doesn’t mind, heehee. I sort of got used to this kiddo, evenn if I’d really prefer to be on my own and he constantly was doing something wrong.

So, in a way I’m happy, even very happy. Am I bad for feeling happy that he’s gone? Yep, probably I’m a very bad, awful Misha. Maybe something bad happened to him and I’m happy? But I’d prefer him to not come back, really. It’s so nice without him. So much calmer and peacefully. And all the rooms are open now, they had to be closed ’cause otherwise Sasha would come in and poo on all the pillows and blankets and cushions and sofas and wherever else possible. And now everyone only gives me food, not Sasha. And people are strangely nice to me and everyone wants to cuddle me. Maybe they’re sorry they did it to me and took another cat? But I think they liked him, and don’t really get it, that it was so hard for me, so probably it’s not that. I think they’re sad that he’s gone, and want me to comfort them. I don’t know how to do it, but I’ll try.

Very confused Misa

Question of the day.

Today is a good day for…

My answer:

Changes. Well, for me there’s never a good time for changes, but sometimes you just have to make some, especially if they are supposed to help, so it’s better to do it on a day that is good for changes, than one that is worse. The major change in my and my family’s life that just happened today is that Sasha is gone. You see, he’d had a lot of stress living here with us, it wasn’t just Misha who was having trouble adjusting. It turned out that was the reason of his constant pooing everywhere besides his litterbox, and some other behaviours, despite that overall he was the most cheerful and outgoing, snuggly and purry kitten you could’ve ever met. He was stressed because Misha was constantly observing him, and rejecting him whenever he wanted to play. And there couldn’t be a more different cat from Sasha than Misha. Plus, even the start of this whole adventure was wrong, because my Mum courageously decided to let Sasha meet Misha on the first day of his stay with us, despite the breeder said otherwise, I was telling her to wait, and despite it’s normal that cats are separated from each other at the beginning and then slowly introduced. She thought Misha is so quiet that he surely won’t be aggressive or anything. Maybe he wasn’t, but it’s not only about aggressiveness.

Unfortunately, my Mum is often very impulsive, even the decision of taking another cat was very impulsive, before we took Sasha, as you may know from my earlier posts, she was changing her mind every day or so as for whether to take another cat, a dog, or nothing. We were all making jokes about her and her changeability, though she didn’t seem to care. Now she really regrets her decisions, though it can’t help Sasha, so after trying to somehow improve things better, we decided to find a new home for him.

The critical point was yesterday when in the morning he was looking very sick, barely moving or anything, not eating, not drinking, not purring.

Mum took him to the vet and he said all is OK, so it has to be huge stress. They decided to take advantage of the situation that he hasn’t eaten and sterilise him, so that his new carer wouldn’t have to worry about it. And another Russian blues’ breeder whom my Mum knows very well, not the one from whom we have Misha and Sasha, she offered Mum to help find a new carer, and today a family came to us and just a while ago took him with them. I wasn’t able to be there and even say goodbye to him, I didn’t see those people, but my Mum says they’re really nice, that it seemed to be an artistic family. Apparently the woman writes books for children about cats, and the girl – for whom Sasha was bought – is in art college, and made a particularly nice impression on Mum. And apparently she’s Gemini! (just like Sasha, and just like Zofijka, who seemed to be Sasha’s soulmate from the very first day, so hopefully he’ll find another one in this girl, though my Mum described her as very calm, or something like that, which neither Sasha, nor the more Zofijka, isn’t). Mum said that they were absolutely amazed with Sasha and loved him immediately, and his neverending purrs. Apparently when they were leaving, Sasha was looking at Mum with such confusion. We all feel very sad right now. My Mum was utterly stressed out yesterday and I could hear her a couple times crying in the laundry where Sasha was lying sick, and poor Zofijka was sobbing a lot, now she’s calmer, because she has to have maths, ew! But I can’t cry. I would really like to, but I can’t. That’s quite normal for me though. I just miss him so much. I’ve always been much more attached to Misha, and getting along with him much better, I often felt very annoyed with sasha and his baby-like behaviours, but I loved him. I still do so much! And he is so different from Misha. It makes me feel so sad when I think that I’ll never ever hear those loud purrs anymore, Misha barely purrs, and his purrs seem to be more for himself, to soothe him and calm him down, rather than a result of contentment or feeling of pleasure, because Misha tends to purr when he’s anxious, and it is a very silent purr. Isn’t that weird, by the way? It was a cause of misunderstanding between him and us, particularly Zofijka, for a long time, because how can he not like something, or not feel OK when he purrs? But it was visible that he wasn’t OK at those moments, and one day I read somewhere that some cats just always purr very silently, and some tend to purr when they’re distressed.

We had our special plays with Sasha, for example when I lied in bed and moved my feet under the cover, he always jumped at the bed and tried to catch them, and then patted them gently or sometimes scratched a bit, as if he tried to tickle me haha. Then he always lied down on my feet, when he got tired, and before he did it, he always had to make a nice little den for himself on the blanket, and kneated it and my feet with his little paws. I’ve never had a better feet massage hahaha. It makes me feel so sad that I’ll never be able to play with him again. Misha is too serious for playing, mostly.

But at the same time we’re very happy because finally Sasha got a chance for a new, happy life, where he won’t be stressed and rejected, where he will have plenty of love and affection and cuddles and won’t have to compete with any other cat. Those people have a dog, but a dog is a different thing than another cat, plus IT is apparently mostly outside. I am really looking forward to hearing some news as for how Sasha is settling in. It feels so empty without him, even though there is Zofijka (who always makes an impression as if any place she’s in was full of uproarious, hyperactive children πŸ˜€ ), my Mum, and Zofijka’s math tutor, and Misha sleeping in Zofijka’s room. But when you get used to someone, it always feels empty when they’re not where they should be, doesn’t it?

OK, so how about you? What is a good day today for in your opinion? And did you have any changes in your life today? πŸ™‚

Question of the day.

Big up someone in your life who deserves a round of applause or a big thank you. My answer:
MISHA, MISHA, MISHA!!! What would be my life without Misha? Well, I’ve lived many years without Misha, but now, with Misha, everything is so much better and more beautiful. He’s such a lovely child, he means everything to me, he has so many important functions in my life and I really don’t know what I would do if I lost him. I wish everyone could have their own Misha – be it a cat, a dog, a pet, another human being, – anything that is as important and helpful and dear for them as Misha is for me. Who would it be for you? πŸ™‚

But I just wanted to taste it!

Hhrrru? 😻

It’s Misha. How are you pets and peeps doing?

As for me, I’m going to the vet today. I overheard Mum talking to Mila about that and Mum brought my basket downstairs – the one I like to sleep in – and she’ll carry me in it there. Sasha’s going too, he’s still crying. I mean, he’s not really crying, but his eyes are watery all the time and he has to take those awful eye drops and he hates it. It’s not nice, I know it, but I don’t think it’s really as awful as it seems to be for him, it’s always a big trouble for peeps to give him those eye drops because he is very scared and acts as if he was scared. For me it’s unpleasant, but not scary. THere are much more scary things out there. But Sasha isn’t scared of them. I guess everyone has their own fears and everyone thinks their own are the biggest and most important and most serious. But I wanted to say that I’m stressed, because of that vet visit. It always stresses me out. But Sasha isn’t stressed at all. I hope I’m now healthy, but I was throwing up earlier today. Mila got scared I thhink, she always does. And Mum got cross with me. But it’s not because I’m still sick.

Mum had some pickled herrings and I just felt such a very strong urge to try them. I couldn’t resist it! They were very surprised – “Wow, Misha, your taste is changing?!” – I ate A LOT of them and very very quickly, I didn’t even bite everything, and Mum was like WOOOOW Misha are you OK? And then I felt quite weird so I left the kitchen and then I threw it all up immediately.

Now I know herrings are not for me. I mean, pickled herrings. But if I wouldn’t taste them, would I know it? Sure not! So what’s the whole drama about? I just like to have some adventures once in a while.

And recently I don’t like my usual snacks as much as I used to. Mum says I’m fussy and capricious. Sasha, on the other hand, eats everything, even my food and my snacks. And poops and pees all the time. Not always where he should. They get really cross with him all the time, but he’s likeable and sweet and I guess that’s why he’s still here and not in a shelter. Zofijka once told me that some animals have to be in shelter, when no one wants them. I’m glad someone wants me. I wouldn’t like to be in a shelter. I wouldn’t have my own place and there would be so many animals. And I think it’s just unseenly for a Russian blue to be in a shelter, so I’m glad that Sasha isn’t either, it would be a shame for us Russian blues.

I don’t know what to do now. My basket is downstairs, and Sasha sleeps on Mila’s wardrobe – in MY very personal hideout. I don’t know why she let him come in there. I’m not jealous. I just want my things to smell like me, otherwise I’m stressed and I don’t know what to do and I feel like it’s not mine anymore so no one likes me because everything here smells like Sasha. I know that in fact they like me more because I was the first and they know me longer and I poop where I should and not wherever I am at the moment, but I still feel this way. It’s awful. Maybe I’ll go downstairs and lie in my basket anyway.

On Wednesday we were home alone – me and Sasha. Olek popped in for a while but other than that, we were home alone. They closed us in the cellar. I like the cellar, but I didn’t like to be closed in one room with Sasha all day long. But Mum had to close Sasha so that he wouldn’t poop God knows where and Sasha hadn’t been in the cellar before so he’d be scared on his own. He’s always scared when he’s on his own, just like Zofijka, silly baby. Well I actually told him I won’t call him baby anymore since today, because he had caught a fly and ate it whole. He is better at it than me.

So anyway I was closed too. Mum made lots of toys for us and gave us all our toys, well, they are mine, but I don’t play with them, I rather prefer playing with things like feathers or leaves that smell very nice, but Sasha will play with anything. We had food and drink and our litterboxes and lots of room to play, and it would be fun, but I was stressed because Sasha was with me all the time. He is nice, but I’m still fearful of him. I can’t help it. But he likes me. He likes to lie on me and purr, but I didn’t let him. I curled on the windowsill and looked at him playing and then we both fell asleep. Sasha pooped to his litterbox and on the pouf, and I felt I need to poop too, but was too stressed. And I barely ate anything. When they finally came back it was already dark outside. Mum washed Sasha and cleaned up his poops and let him out and finally I could relax and do my business, when he was out of there. I don’t like to do it when someone else is with me. So yeah, I’m still having a lot of stressful time.

Tomorrow mum is going for a cat show, but no, I am not going, luckily. I would hate it, but they say they would hate it too – if I was touched and looked at by everyone around. Sasha isn’t going either, he’d maybe like it, but he wouldn’t fit in with his always tearful eyes and who knows where he’d decide to poop at the show, he can be quite unpredictable as for places he chooses for it.

Mum jus came back from the shop, so I think we’ll soon go to the vet. :/

Mishhugs and Mishpurrs for everyone. πŸ€—

Misha πŸ’™

It’s Misha I still remember you all.

Hhrrru? 😻

It’s me Misha. Guys I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for soooooo long, life sucks sometimes and you can’t do what you want.

How are you all peeps and pets doing?

I wanted to thank you so so much for all your thoughts and that you cared so much about me when I got sick, thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers and nice words. I’m much better now. Still a bit sluggish but much much better.

I actually don’t have much to say because Mila told you about almost everything already, that I now have a new friend Sasha and that I couldn’t write anything last month because Mila sent her laptop to some guy to fix it. I thought she lent it to him at first and was cross with her for doing it because I couldn’t write to you, I couldn’t watch cats and birds and other things I used to sometimes. And I was cross with that silly guy why he doesn’t return it to us for so long it’s not fair and I saw that Mila was pissed at him too. But then she explained to me that she sent it so that he could fix it.

And then when it finally came back Mum and Mila went out very late in the evening and they came back with Sasha.

I was so mad at him and at them to do this! I thought they don’t like me anymore. I thought they wanted to show me I’m not important anymore because I’m bigger than Sasha and they’re bored with me. Mila tried to snuggle me and Mum wanted to give me my favourite sauce but I thought they were doing it to make fun of me and I was so very mad.

But I was even more mad with Sasha. Everyone was talking about him and comparing him to me and how he is better because his fur is softer and more shiny than mine was when I came here, and because he’s more fluffy than I was at his age, and he purrs louder and is so very cuddly and I’m not. But I purr for myself, not for others, to soothe myself when I’m stressed, and not to please silly peeps. They can purr for themselves if they like to hear it, and not ask me to purr. How stupid is that!

And I was cross with Mum because when I growled and hissed at Sasha she thought I’ll do something very bad to him like scratch him badly or maybe even kill him. Well, I might hate someone but I’mm not freaky enough to kill him right away just because I hate him.

Now I got used to Sasha more and I know that my peeps just wanted me to have a friend, and I know that Sasha likes me and everyone likes me too. But it still feels so strange to have another cat in the house, and I can’t get used to it. I think I’m afraid of Sasha. I’m almost always afraid of something. And almost always stressed. And now as he is with us I’m frightened ALL the time.

When Sasha comes to me and hhrrrus and purrs at me I know he likes me but I am afraid, I don’t want to be to close to him and I run away. But I like him too. It’s awful but I can’t help it. And with peeps, it’s always been just the same. Or similar. But my peeps are more clever than Sasha and they understand it, and Sasha is little and silly and he doesn’t understand anything. I think he thinks I don’t like him – well that sounds very complicated, doesn’t it? – and I feel like a very bad awful Misha for it. Maybe he also thinks I’m bad. Well, maybe not… if he still likes me, he probably doesn’t think so. Mum constantly tells me to relax, but I can’t relax whenever I want. Only when everything is calm and good and like I want it to be.

But I try to take care of Sasha and I like to play with him. We often talk together and the peeps really like it, especially Mila, because she thinks it sounds funny when we talk. I tell him how things are in our house and what is where etc. and sometimes when I’m less scared I lick him, and sometimes I let him lie on me and we sleep together. But I don’t like when people see it all. And I don’t like when for example Sasha lies in my cartonboard or in my basket, because it’s mine! I never lie in his, so why can he lie in mine? My things should smell like me, not like someone else, isn’t that logical? Sometimes when I’m asleep Zofijka brings Sasha to me and I hate it and go nuts!

Sasha is very silly. He doesn’t know that you should poop and pee in the loo. Actually I think he does, but he doesn’t care. Sometimes he does it in the loo, but most times anywhere else and mum is very angry at him. But he still doesn’t get it. Today Mum closed him in the loo so that he would learn and understand where to poop and pee, but I don’t think he knows why she closed him. He found a little glass ball I lost there months ago and no one could find it, and he was playing it and running around the restroom like crazy hahahaha silly guy. Sometimes he poops to the bathtube hahaha. And last night he peed in Mila’s bed, and today on Mum’s. Mum says that if he won’t learn very soon where to do it she’ll get rid of him. I don’t know if it would be good or bad and if I’d like it, but I don’t think she’ll do that. And he is always so cheerful and foolish that I think he wouldn’t care at all. If she would throw him out of the house he’d just stand by the door and purr and poop right where he’d stand. He always purrs, even when they yell at him. My human mum often says I’m a nutter or freaky or that I am afraid of my own shadow, but I wonder if Sasha isn’t a bigger nutter, because which normal cat would purr and sigh with happiness when they yell at him and throw him into the restroom. I think he’s in his own world all the time and there are only nice things in there, so he doesn’t know that anything bad could actually exist and doesn’t think that it really matters where you poop. What do you think?

I was vaccinated on Monday. It was awful. I didn’t cry though. I was vaccinated for the same thing that Sasha’s sick with now and the peeps say it was wrong. I don’t know why it was wrong, because if vaccines are to help you to not be sick, I think it was just the right thing to give it to me when Sasha was sick. But it turned out to not be good and as you know I got sick, and I am sicker than Sasha and everyone talks about me.

I puked and choked and was cold all the time, I’m still cold but not as much. My muscles were aching, so shaky I was and they were constantly strained. But it’s weird I have the same thing as Sasha if Sasha doesn’t feell like me – he’s sneezing and his eyes are watery and he is hoarse and has runny nose.

Mum and Zofijka took me to the vet very quickly but the vet, not that lady who vaccinated me, the other one, because it was late. She told them she doesn’t know what’s wrong with me and then got out the needle and started to prickle me and it hurt so badly. I usually don’t cry when it hurts but then I did and I was bouncing around and was “aggressive” and “naughty” and they couldn’t calm me down and Zofijka cried and I scratched her. I don’t know why she cried – because I was sick and cried or because I scratched her and it hurt? I didn’t want to scratch her, but I didn’t think. They couldn’t hold me and I broke the needle and she didn’t give me any injections. She gave me very big pills and other ones that were small but very icky and bitter. Luckily I didn’t have to take those big ones finally, I think I’d choke to death.

When we came home I curled up under Mila’s bed and was very shaky I even couldn’t walk properly and was slipping.

I didn’t feel any better yesterday morning so they took me again to the vet and I was scared and very weak. It was a guy. He gave me two injections and it didn’t hurt, only a little, but I didn’t cry. But I think that even if it hurt more I would gave up because I was to weak. He told me I don’t have to take those big pills, only those small yucky ones for diarrhea, and that I have the same sickness as Sasha but I am weaker and always afraid of something so my body has it harder to get rid of the sickness so that’s why I am sicker. That’s odd, isn’t it? If someone is constantly stressed out, like me, shouldn’t he be saved and not be sick at all, instead of being even sicker and even more stressed? Life isn’t fair. He also gave Mum some pink pills that I have to take now to be less scared and get used to Sasha.

And I am much better now. But I’mstill very stressed. I always am.

Mishpurrs and mishhugs for all of you pets and peeps. πŸ€—

Misha Pisha Shmisha

A little update and a video of Misha and Sasha.

Hi guys. πŸ™‚

Wanted to tell you that Misha is doing surprisingly well today. I hope I won’t jinx it. πŸ˜€ He is eating well now and is much less apathetic and miserable. We think maybe those two shots he got yesterday helped to regress the cat flu or something. I am doing much better emotionally too.

I have something special for you because of that. I’ve just got a video of Misha and Sasha from my Mum, it was recorded some time ago, shortly after Sasha came to live with us.

I think it’s gorgeous, so I wanted to share it with you all, hope you’ll like it, and you’ll also have a possibility to see Sasha for the first time, and hear how loudly he purrs, Misha hardly ever purrs so loudly.

Enjoy. πŸ™‚

Update on Misha and me.

First of all I wanted to thank all of you once again for all the support and kind thoughts for Misha. It’s way more appreciated than I can express at the moment and means a lot for us. πŸ’™
So as you may know from my yesterday post Misha is sick and that’s for sure now.
I went to sleep almost straight away after writing this post though couldn’t fall asleep for ages, had that awful feeling when you’re just too exhausted emotionally and physically to actually fall asleep. Misha spent some part of the night under my bed, then he threw up again, which messed up with my absolutely fabulously overactive emetophobic brain even more and I felt so sorry for him as he looked so scared and devastated and I was just helpless and scared as well, maybe more than him. πŸ˜€ Poor child. So I finally gave up and had to take my sleep meds which I always try to avoid as much as possible but sometimes they can be really saving.
Before I fell asleep Sasha came to me and laid down on me purring so blissfully and loudly, even without me stroking him. He is really such a nice little furball, so very cuddly and joyous. As he lied on me, I felt more grounded and calm under his little, warm body and finally we both fell asleep, although I can’t say I was sleeping well because I was waking like every two hours or so which was really irritating.
Mum gave Misha the antibiotic in the morning, the one he was prescribed yesterday, but he was looking very very poorly. He didn’t eat anything, only drank some water, had diarrhea and fever, although he felt very cold and was shivering just like yesterday. He laid down in his bed – the basket on my bed – and lied there so silently, literally the only way you could actually see he’s alive is to feel his chest moving while breathing, other than that he was so still that it felt utterly scary to me and Zofijka and even to Mum, although she says she isn’t emotionally attached to Misha.
So finally we decided we should go to our local vet to check on him, maybe he would know what’s wrong exactly.
Mum and Sofi ended up packing Misha and driving there twice because the first time they went it was closed so poor thing was quite stressed out, no wonder as he hardly ever leaves the house. Luckily though the vet was indeed able to tell us what’s wrong.
He was actually laughing openly at the thoughtlessness of the vet who vaccinated Misha for cat flu, knowing that Sasha is sick, the more that he was sick with just the same thing. Who on Earth would vaccinate their child if another one is contagiously sick, and why should it be otherwise with pets? That was just what we thought, but obviously you don’t want to come across as a know-all, after all the vet should know better what she does…
Actually, before Misha was vaccinated on Monday, my Mum had one of those inklings she has – the first time they told us to come with Misha for the vaccination and Mum went with him it turned out that they actually didn’t have the vaccine at the moment, then the second time they went was just the same, and my Mum started to wonder out of the blue that maybe it means Misha shouldn’t be vaccinated. Then they planned to go for the third time, but Mum had to collect Dad so they didn’t.
As I said my Mum has such inklings or impulses quite often, she really seems to have a good intuition. It might look a bit like some superstitiality or something like this, but she really acts as if she had some sixth sense sometimes, and generally she’s not superstitious at all, quite the opposite. Oh gosh what a long digression!
So our local vet to whom Misha went today laughed at that vet quite honestly, and told Mum that Misha most probably has caught cat flu from Sasha and this is its very beginning. But because Misha was also vaccinated, plus has been very stressed lately, and not coming out of the house much, it might be a bit more severe than Sasha’s, as his autoimmune system is probably weaker due to all that.
He gave Misha two injections with no problem – although the emergency vet to whom they went yesterday couldn’t manage to do it and Misha broke the needle – and he told Mum to come with Misha again on Saturday to see how things are going. So it’s probably much less serious than it looks.
Mum mentioned to him that Misha is so very stressed out lately and so very fearful, that he’s always been rather prone to anxiety, but since Sasha is with us he seems much more stressed, and he prescribed him something mildly sedative that he can take ad hoc when he’s more stressed, like at such times as now, when he has a lot to cope with emotionally. When I heard all that, I felt somewhat relieved and so did Zofijka and Mum.
I can’t say though that Misha is doing better. What’s for sure though, is that he’s not worse and he’s even eaten a little, so we’re very hopeful.
Sasha is so very caring of him. He’s really such a kind-hearted baby. I went to Misha about an hour ago to check how he’s doing and I found Sasha sitting by his side and purring. Misha was indifferent and rather not encouraging to make any closer relationships with him, but Sasha didn’t care. He really likes Misha. He always purrs and hhrrrus when he sees him, though Misha usually runs away. It’s not like Misha doesn’t like him – he’s not hostile or anything anymore – he just seems like he still needs time to adapt to the situation.
When it comes to me, as I said I feel significantly relieved after all those news and that Misha is relatively stable even if still poorly, though I feel like it hasn’t sunk in in my brain yet. I can’t say I’m feeling well emotionally today.
I’m kinda agitated all day and very anxious in general, don’t know if it’s actually about Misha or for no particular reason. I’m just feeling sort of wired and antsy and jittery and my thoughts are racing quicker than horses and I feel like all the sounds and smells and everything was way more intense than normally and sort of overwhelming, – that thing happens to me quite often but today it’s really pretty distracting – but at the same time I feel exhausted. I don’t even know how to exactly describe it. My anxiety is pretty bad but as I said I’m not really sure of the reason so the more it’s hard for me to get rid of it. I guess I just have to get through this and can’t do much about it at the moment. I rarely feel that way, I mean agitated and like I can’t sit still for too long, usually my anxiety doesn’t look that way, so it feels rather awkward and annoying and maybe there’s something deeper to it that I can’t figure out, but honestly I’m not quite in the mood for figuring out anything at the moment, don’t think it would be actually productive. I think I’ll try my luck and go to sleep, who knows maybe I’ll succeed. Sleep well too guys. πŸ™‚