Cornelis Vreeswijk – “Somliga Går med Trasiga Skor” (Some People Walk in Tattered Shoes”.

Hiya people! 🙂

So as you may know, I’ve recently managed to translate a couple of songs by one of my faza people, Cornelis Vreeswijk, from Swedish, and I’m quite satisfied with the results, and I thought I should try translating this one, as it has fairly easy lyrics and also is one of his more popular and recognisable songs in Sweden, I guess only the one about Cecilia Lind whichh I also shared years ago is more popular. It comes from one of his earlier albums – “Tio Vackra Visor och Personliga Persson” (Ten Beautiful Songs and Personal Persson) from 1968. Even though, being a Christian myself, I don’t agree with a fair bit of stuff he sings about in this song, at the same time I think I do understand why someone would have this kind of perspective on things and even though I don’t agree with some things here, I feel similar about not getting attached to life too much, which is why I like it. Interestingly, the shoes problem seems to be very persistent and intergenerational, because Jack Vreeswijk (Cornelis’ son) also has an original song called “Mina Gamla Skor” (My Old Shoes). 😀


Some people walk in tattered shoes

Say why is it so?

God father who lives in heaven

Maybe wants to have it this way

God father who lives in heaven

Closes his eyes and sleeps sweetly

Who cares about a pair of tattered shoes

When one is tired and old?

Who cares about how the days go?

They wander as they want

Citizen, in one hundred years

You will no longer exist.

Then someone else will take your chair

You won’t know about it

You’ll feel neither rain nor sun

Down in your dark grave.

Who cares about how the nights pass_

I couldn’t care less

As long as I can keep my face

Hidden in my darling’s hair.

I am a shady character

Not enough for much

Death stands lurking behind the corner

He takes me when he wants.

Some people walk in tattered shoes

Until they stop walking

The devil who lives in hell

Gets a good laugh then

Song of the day (20th June) – Birdy – “People, Help The People”.

I thought this is kind of strange that I never shared anything on here from this great British singer before, despite I really like her music and have had for years. This is probably one of her more popular songs, if not the most popular one, and one of my absolute favourites by hers.

Question of the day.

What makes us human (besides our DNA)?

My answer:

What I think of primarily is that we have souls, and that we are by nature conscientious beings and tend to have more of a sense of dignity. We also have a wider range of emotions – or at least I haven’t heard of an animal that would have as wide spectrum of what they can feel as we have – and have unique ways of communication that are quite specific to us. –

What do you think? 🙂

Question of the day (6th December).

Would you rather work in an animal rescue or search and rescue? Does your passion for animals/faith in humanity change your answer?

My answer:

I don’t think I’d be suited for either job, but purely hypothetically I’m fairly sure I’d choose search and rescue. I think it could be more interesting for me and also if anything, I feel like I’d be able to help people more than animals. But I suppose it would also be more emotionally engaging, although surely both these jobs are, and I’m not sure I’d always be able to cope with that, even assuming that there were no other reasons why search and rescue might not be the ideal job for me. Is it because of my faith in humanity? I don’t think I have such a thing as faith in humanity. Not because I am that cynical and think that people are all evil, but it’s somehow difficult for me to look at people, as different as they are, as one whole humanity thing and say if I believe in all of them or don’t believe in all of them. We’re all individuals. And taking it totally literally, I believe in God, not in people. 😀 I believe some people are worth believing in, some maybe not, but neither group of people makes me believe or not believe in people as a whole. So I’d rather steer clear of such big and beautiful-sounding, but (at least) to me, not saying much statements like “I believe in humanity”. So no, my faith in humanity doesn’t influence my answer. I just think people are deserving help if they need it and I find people interesting.

You? Would you actually seriously consider working in either of these jobs? 🙂

Question of the day.

What is the most important goal every person should have?

My answer:

I think such goal could be to love ourselves. ‘Cause when we love ourselves, we automatically become better and more loving and caring to all the other beings in the world, thus making the life easier for all of us.

What do you think? What should such goal be in your opinion?