Question of the day.

Do you chew on your pens?

My answer:

Obviously enough – I don’t. 😀 I did, or still do, chew on other things though. I’ve mentioned a few times that when I was a little kid, I had a lot of autistic-like behaviours including stimming, and chewing too. Even later on, when I didn’t have as many of those behaviours or autistic traits, I’ve still had some stims, plus I was a very fidgety kid and had a handful of “soothing” behaviours, or whatever it was. I’ve had a tiny little glass bear when I was in primary, and although it was glass, so maybe it wasn’t the most practical idea, I liked to use it for stimming. I tossed it in my hands when I was bored or something and I often chewed on its ears, when I was thinking about something intensively or was bored. 😀

Nowadays, I don’t rather chew on objects around me, but I very very often chew on my lip. I’ve told you before that I am terrible nailbiter, but I guess my lip chewing is even more addictive. When I was younger I often picked it, but very luckily finally I managed to unlearn it, almost completely, then I tried to at least limit my nailbiting and cuticle picking, and then I started to intensively chew and bite on my lip and I didn’t really notice the moment when it started to be something regular. I try to unlearn it and stop it when I notice it, but the thing is I often just do it unconsciously and then I find myself doing it after some time already. That’s annoying. I do it whenever I’m bored, focusing on something, overloaded, frustrated, stressed out, trying to not show my feelings, insecure, very often. I think that actually I’m lucky because my lips still look decent, they looked much worse when I was younger and picking them, and I’ve never had any major infections of them so far, or any significant bleeding although I can bite it very intensively at times. I even had a situation when I woke up and realised I had to chew on my lip while sleeping. 😀 I’d really like to unlearn it, not only because it’s unappealing for others, unhealthy for me, but also because if your lips are hurting, it’s quite an issue to eat spicy food and enjoy it, he he, and if you eat it then it usually heals slower. But I still hope I’ll someday get rid of it as I got rid of other stuff, it usually happened with time.

Do YOU chew on your pens? Or anything else?