Ella Vos – “Ocean”.

Hi guys! 🙂

Let’s listen to something American today, for a change. Ella Vos is a new artist for me, but I grew to like her a fair bit pretty much instantly when I heard her. I like the dreamy quality to her music, and also she seems to have never avoided difficult/very personal or even raw topics in her music. I haven’t had a listen to her whole discography, only a few songs so far, but I’ve heard that she has tackled as difficult topics as motherhood or her lymphoma diagnosis. I think this is my favourite song by her.

Song of the day (8th January) – Yr Angen – “Dros Gefnfor” (Over An Ocean).

And this is another song on my blog from one of my most favourite Welsh bands, which I still love no less than the last time I shared their song with you guys, and still didn’t come up with an idea why I like them so much. 😀 It’s gorgeous, and so is Jac Davies, the vocalist! 🙂