Bryn F么n A’r Band – Y G芒n Gymraeg (The Welsh Song).

Hi! 馃檪

Today I have a protest song for you. I had such a stage in my journey through music in different minority languages when I was discovering a lot of their songs simply about their discriminated and diminished languages. And as I’ve always felt kind o f protective towards extincting or endangered languages, those songs always moved me. This is one of them. The Youtube video of this song has the lyrics in both Welsh and English, plus a little bit of this song is in English as well. I’ll maybe just add that Cymdeithas Yr Iaith mentioned in this song and not translated to English is Welsh Language Society.

Bryn F么n comes from North Wales, specifically from Caernarfonshire. He’s a famous singer on Welsh-language scene and active since many years, singing both solo and with quite a few different bands. He’s also an actor and as far as I can remember has played in the series “Pobl Y Cwm” (People of the valley), and he also is a Welsh language activist and has his own music company. I like many of his songs and this one is the first song from him I’ve heard.

Kronos Quartet ft. Natalie Merchant – “Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier”.

Hi! 馃檪

Today’s song is a traditional Irish song made by American string quartet from San Francisco, called Kronos Quartet and a famous singer Natalie Merchant. I think it’s very beautiful.

Bronwen Lewis – Edrych Ar ol Fy Hun (Looking after myself).

Another Welsh-language song for today. This is my favourite song by Bronwen Lewis. Unfortunately it doesn’t exist neither on Youtube nor on Spotify, so I’m sharing it via Dropbox, it will expire after a month.

Bella Hardy – Cruel Mother.

Oh, how I love English folk ballads! I could listen to them… don’t know for how long, there are still other brilliant kinds of music, but anyway I just love them. I like folk ballads in general, but British have something special to them. I could actually even put them among one of my smaller interests, I had the stage in my life, when I was reading Child and Roud ballads all the time and comparing different contemporary version of them. Because of both these collections – Child’s and Roud’s – British ballads are very popular among folk artists, even not British, and they can be truly inspiring, beautiful, weird, magical, and so on.

This one is very interesting and amazing and picturesque. It is a murder ballad. About a mother killing her children, so the topic may seem a little bit scary. But the song is wonderful, and I chose my favourite version, sang by English artist, Bella Hardy.

Enya – The Humming.

Hey guys! 馃檪

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all of you, even if you don’t celebrate it in any particular way. Here in Poland we don’t rather have any Irish connections as a nation, so people don’t really care about it in general, but since I’m obsessed about Celtic everything, I do. And I’m gonna celebrate it on my blog by sharing an Irish song with you. I love loads of Irish music but Enya is my most favourite Irish artist so I chose her song. It is one of my favourite songs by her.

“The Humming” comes from her latest album “Dark Sky Island”.

Gwilym Bowen Rhys & Cpt. Smith – “Merched Yn Neud Gwallt Eu Gilydd” (Girls doing each other’s hair).

Hi! 馃檪

I’d like to continue this Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci for one more day if you don’t mind, but this time it’ll be a cover, or actually, as it is written in the description of the Youtube video with it “a new version” of Gorky’s song.

It’s brilliant, made by my current musical crush – Gwilym Bowen Rhys – and Cpt. Smith. I love it. And I love the original version too, it’s a complete masterpiece, but, since Gwilym’s my crush and he has covered it, I thought I should be loyal and share his version. 馃榾

Song of the day – Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci- “Pen Gwag Glas” (Blue Blank Head).


Thought I’ll share one more song by the fabulous GOrky’s Zygotic Mynci, just to indicate that in the last few days I’m listening to their music more than I’d ever suppose I would. Such a pity they no longer exist. Maybe some of you will like them too. This track is from the same album as “Meirion Wyllt” which I shared yesterday (“Barafundle).

Song of the day – Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Meirion Wyllt (MaD Meirion).

Hi! 馃檪

Today’s song is rally weird and crazy. I’m starting to love this fabulous Welsh band from Carmarthenshire. I mean, I’ve known them for years, they’re a legend, ever since I’ve started to listen to Welsh language music I’ve heard about “Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci” everywhere. But it’s only recently I’m starting to love them and discover them. I wonder why not earlier. Since childhood I’ve always had some weird liking to bands with strange names, strange/abstractive/incongruous sounding titles or totally weird lyrics. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci definitely is a rather unique name, isn’t it? 馃榾

I suppose most of you may not know them although I said they’re a legend, but they’re a legend mostly in Wales, or so I perceive it. If so, it’s a pity. So I’ll introduce them shortly. The line-up of this band was very mixed as it usually is with long time existing bands, people switched a lot, but the leader and the main vocalist was always Euros Childs. Their music is classified as psychedelic, but also alternative, folk, britpop… they blend lots of genres together and their music was changing with time. Apparently they have difficulties coming up with the band’s name so finally they decided they will choose most strange thing that will come to their brains as the name. This thing was Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. As I read, Gorky comes from “gawky” and from the slang word “gork”. Mynci is a Welsh spelling of English monkey, not the Welsh word for monkey, but writing the English word with Welsh spelling rules and it’s pronounced just like “monkey”.

This song comes from the album “Barafundle” which generally is very calm, without a few tracks I’d say sedated. But this one is a glaring exception! It’s a weird piece, absolutely weird. Heavy, raw, seems to not fit completely the rest of the album, but it is what attracted me to it for the first time. There’s something quirkily brilliant about it.

Song of the day – De Dannan – “Rambling Irishman”.

So the last song in this Dolores Keane series. As I’ve mentioned she was one of the founder members of the band De Dannan at the beginning of her career. Here’s one of the songs she sang with them. Another about Irish people and their emigration to America by the way.

Song of the day – Sean Keane ft. Dolores Keane – Isle of Hope Isle Of Tears.

“Isle Of Hope, Isle Of Tears’ is the song about Ellis Island and first immigrants that came there, particularly about Annie Moore who was Irish. This is a very popular song in Ireland, or maybe it’s just my impression, anyway it has loads of interpretations. This one is the first I’ve heard. And I think my favourite.

Song of the day (10th March) – Dolores Keane- Let it be.

Hi! 馃檪

Decided to share more of Dolores Keane’s music in the few days.

Today’s song is brilliant. As you maybe have guessed it’s a cover of The Beatles’ song “let It Be” and honestly if I had to choose which version I like more – Beatles’ or hers – I would have a big big dilemma since I love them both so much. e

Question of the day.

Do you like doing anything artistic?

My answer:

Anything artistic… I have an impression that when most people use the term art or arts, or artistic, they mean visual arts. If so, sure not. Or maybe not that I don’t like it, but I’m not good at it, not rather able to do much arts stuff on my own, so… nothing exciting, I’d say.

But if we include other kinds of art, I may say that yes, because I really love writing. It helps me with self-expressing, with which I usually have issues and writing seems to be the most successful and most enjoyable way of doing it for me. I’ve been blogging on and off since I was 13, gaining “fame” in my blogging environment for writing unacceptably lengthy posts, have started multiple diaries, written in them loads of things and then destroyed them after some period of time for one reason or another. 馃榾 Now I think I’m more stable with this and really wouldn’t like to delete my current diary. Also I like to write short stories (which actually almost always come out very long and detailed 馃榾 ) or novellas from time to time. The problem with my short stories is such, that when I’m writing it, I usually think it’s great, that my idea is great etc. but soon after I’m finished with it and I reread it, I’m doubtful about its quality at very best and usually get rid of it. And I don’t have the habit of storaging what I’ve written as for the short stories. I might keep something if I think it’s fair, but I don’t usually feel very attached to it and sooner or later I don’t even know where I put it on my computer lol. Sometimes I’m talking to someone and mention I’ve just written something and they seem very interested and ask me to show it to them and are very surprised that I already deleted it. 馃榾 “Why on Earth? Why did you delete something you’ve been working on for so long and that you created on your own?” 馃榾 But that’s just how it is with me and my crazy brain, I don’t really care about what I write and honestly usually hate to reread it as I’m afraid I won’t be so proud of it as I was while writing it and straight afterwards.

But I’m also writing a novel, which I’m really attached to and I’ve mentioned it before. It’s called “Jack Hamilton” and it has helped me to survive in various awful situations. I am really attached to its main character Jack Hamilton, consider him my best friend and find this book very private as well as my relationship with Jack, therefore I finally decided never to release it. I am working on this book for years now, I started it in my early teens and now Jack is unfortunately a really aged man, but I can’t force myself to quit writing, or to kill him. My Mum says soon he’ll be so tired of life he’ll kill himself if I’ll be still unable to do it. I have also a draft and some pieces written from another novel I’ve wanted to write. It is a harlequin! Really. 馃榾 I started to think about writing a harlequin a few years ago some time after I started to be very seriously concerned about my future and what I really want and am able to do. I’ve heard somewhere that people earn quite a lot on writing harlequins as they’re so popular everywhere. At that time I didn’t even know what a harlequin was, but became familiar quickly and thought it seems so boring and easy to write I can at least try to do it too. I thought I’d do a historical romance, firstly because it seemed more interesting and more ambitious to me, secondly because we don’t seem to have many of them in Polish, I mean there are tons of translated romances, but I’ve never seen a historical romance written originally in Polish. So I’ve come up with the plot and wrote a bit of it but since my life got a bit stormy soon I left it and have only a bit written. At the moment I definitely don’t think like writing it but I may come back and probably will in future. But of course I will publish it under a pseudonyme haha don’t want to ruin my reputation. 馃榾 Also I have some bits and snippets written for another novel, this one is a fantasy novel about Nordic mythology and I think it might be very interesting, but also hard to write, and as recently I am not the most motivated, it waits for better times.

Sometimes I also try to write poetry, but it’s rather miserable, in my opinion. I was writing some occassional little poems for school when they discovered I have some writing skills, like for Teacher’s Day or before holidays etc. but I didn’t like it and don’t think they were good, they were just OK and just what they wanted. At times, I wrote some sometimes even maybe a bit obscene, sarcastic poems in my free time, just to have fun and my friends had fun of them. Sometimes they were a bit gallows-humoured. I really enjoyed them and still have some of them, although most of them I now consider a bit childish. Sometimes I still write stuff like that, when I’m either extremely frustrated or upset or really significantly high. However I’ve always regretted I can’t seem to express myself more in poems or write some more valuable poetry as I saw quite many people just letting out their feelings in poetry. I don’t seem to be good at that, or maybe I didn’t try enough, or as my Dad suggests maybe I’m not sentimental enough, 馃榾 although I don’t think it’s the case of sentimentality, the more that actually I think I am a bit sentimental.

My big dream is to translate written texts in future, even at least as a hobby, and my actually biggest dream is to translate my crush’s Cornelis Vreeswijk’s works into Polish. He was a poet among others. And am very happy I’ve translated a few of his poems already. They aren’t great translations, but good, and what I think is most important now is that I just did it. I wouldn’t believe it would happen so quickly, I thought I would have to have a degree in Swedish or something. 馃榾 It’s hard to translate him, it’s damn hard, but I prooved myself it’s manageable. And although I haven’t translated anyting new in years now, I’m still glad I did those his poems which I did then. I think it could be also considered as something artistic.

At school they always expected from me to be involved in music, but I know it since many years that I feel much better as a recipient/listener of music, than a performer. It’s too exhausting. But although now you’ll never force me to sing in public or even in front of more than three people, I like to sing in the shower or when I’m alone at home with Misha. By the way I’ve noticed recently that sometimes when he’s upset and someone starts to sing, he relaxes more and it seems to catch his attention, unless you don’t sing too loud like Zofijka does. So maybe he’s musical lol. But that’s just a recent observation, maybe that’s not true at all. Anyway if singing in the shower can be considered something artistic, I surely like it. 馃榾

When I was younger I was terribly fascinated by sound engineering and I tried to make some music on my computer with different apps. And actually as for my abilities in that field back then it really wasn’t that bad. 馃榾 I enjoyed it very much and I think I could still like it, but there are too many things I like more and that are more important for me to do.

Which kinds of arts do you like to do, if any? 馃檪 Very curious.

Song of the day – Dolores Keane – Never Be The sun.

Hi! 馃檪 I really like this song’s lyrics, but it also has a lot of interesting interpretations and one of them is Dolores Keane’s. I like Dolores Keane too and she is one of my earliest discoveries in Celtic music. As far as I know, she’s very liked and popular in her genre. Now she doesn’t sing professionally anymore, she has struggled with depression and alcoholism, also has a son with a rare disease and struggled with cancer and divorce with her first husband. She started her career as a founder member in the band De Dannan, her brother Sean was also one of the members. She was raised by her two aunts who were both traditional sean n贸s singers. During her career she also collaborated with her ex husband, John Faulkner. She is most known for interpreting famous traditional Irish songs. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m synesthetic. I have associations between many sounds/words and different factures or things, this is rather complex, but basically if I hear the word or sound, I immediately “feel” something speciffic. So the very first time I heard Dolores’ deep voice, which is indeed very characteristic, my brain associated it with the desert. Just a large, open and wide, hot and dry, fascinating, both sandy and pebbly space. I thought this association itself was rather fascinating and interesting and I still have it whenever I hear her.

Song of the day – Alys Williams – The Cave.


I’ve showed you Alys’ great voice sometime ago in song she sang with the band Candelas in Welsh. This time I want to show you her stunning solo performance, and in ENglish. Alys became more famous while singing in “The Voice UK”. I am actually rather surprised she didn’t win in her edition as in my honest opinion she was just the best. Now, a few years afterwards, she is fairly active on the Welsh language music scene, featuring different artists, but I’m waiting excitedly to maybe see some releases from her in future. Also, for me, her accent is almost if not equally mesmerising and fabulous as her voice.

The song I’m sharing is the song she sang during blind auditions, “The Cave”, originally performed by Mumford And Sons. Btw, didn’t she break the time record as for making the decision whom to choose as her coach? 馃榾 It’s so much like me. 馃榾

Song of the day – Alex Kunnari ft. Tim Hilberts – Wake Me Up.

Hi! 馃檪

Today’s song really speaks to me. I found it on Spotify last year. Those of you who use Spotify probably know their Daily Mixes with music you like and some new stuff in the same vibe. So back then I was listening one of mine, which had mostly Norwegian electronica in it, as I listened to it a lot at that time. And then this song played and I was rather surprised. It wasn’t really my style musically. Well, honestly, it wasn’t my style at all. And after all Alex Kunnari doesn’t really sound very Norwegian, rather Finnish (well unless he’s from Finnmark), so I was wondering a bit why it landed here. But then I started to listen to the lyrics and it suddenly caught my full attention. Oh gosh, what is this guy singing about? It sounds like… pretty much like me. :O What there was “like me” was the fact that I could relate to this song with my night experiences, which as I know now is sleep paralysis, and false awakenings. But back then, although I’ve been struggling with these and other sleep sensations regularly as long as I can remember and was very frustrated every time it happened, I didn’t have the name for it, didn’t know anyone who had it and what even more frustrating, couldn’t quite describe to anyone the content of these dreams and how it felt to have it in general. And so I felt a bit comforted hearing this, as I felt like if there’s song about it, there must be someone else on Earth, even just one person, experiencing this in one way or another too. That didn’t change anything in the grand scheme of things, but at least lessened my feeling of inadequacy which I think is strong enough in other areas of my life. So I really like this song now. 馃檪

Song of the day – Gina Dirawi – Hurt You SO Bad.

Hi! 馃檪

I’ve discovered this girl very recently and I think I like her, so I’m sharing one of her songs.

Gina Dirawi lives in Sundsvall in Sweden, has Palestinian roots and her family, at least her dad’s as far as I know, comes from Libanon. She is also a radio and TV presenter, actress, songwriter and comedian, but is most known as the first woman to host Melodifestivalen (the melody festival, Swedish song competition which determinates singers who to represent Sweden at the Eurovision). Her career started with a blog at (ana Gina apparently means I am Gina in Arabic) and then she started her youtube channel. That’s a little about Gina.

I think her voice is very interesting.

Song of the day – Georgia Ruth – Etrai.

Hi guys! 馃檪

Today I would love to share with you a song by Georgia Ruth Williams who is a really great singer and harpist from Wales, singing both in English and Welsh. I absolutely love her voice, harmonies in her music and how she plays harp. Hope you’ll like her too. Tomorrow I’m going to share her another song, this time in English.

Question of the day.

So the actual question for today I have for you is:

What type of music do you listen to? What are some bands/artists you have liked for a long time? What are some bands/artists you would like to listen to? Who have you seen in concert?

My answer:

I think my music taste is quite wide. Most often I listen to either folk or rock or just folkrock, but I also like a lot of pop stuff, recently a lot of electro, Gothic music, metal, but as for Gothic music and all kinds of metal I will listen to it as long as it isn’t against my faith in any way as I am a practicing Christian. I listen to quite a lot of indie recently. Sometimes, when I’m in a special mood for it, I might listen to trance, like armin van Buuren, but rather his older tracks, or when I’m rather high I’ll listen to Polish reggae. I listen to a lot of alternative stuff. I love music in various languages which some may think is weird, it also happens that I listen to songs that have a bit odd topics. We have a radio programme in Polish public radio where there is a lot of weird music in all the languages you can imagine other than English and Polish, most often it’s rock, but really not only. I have lots of my favourite music from there. My favourite languages though occupy a special place in my music collection.

The band I’ve liked for a really long time, about 11 years I think, is Vavamuffin. It is a Polish reggae band. I’ll surely show it to you sometime later on. I had quite a weird music taste as for a kid, I started to listen to them when I was 10 and it was rather sad period in my life and their music kinda boosted my mood and this discovery led to finding many other Polish reggae bands. As I grew older I lost a lot of my enthusiasm for reggae, now I think this positive energy you can find in this kind of music is a bit too optimistic, it’s just superficial for me, but sometimes I still like to come back to Vavamuffin. But I don’t rather listen to any other reggae than Polish. My long time fascination is also Enya. I’ve loved her for years and she was my first musical crush. My other crushes I’ve had for some time are Declan Galbraith and Cornelis Vreeswijk. Ooh and Emilie Autumn, not my actual crush, but I really loved her as a teen when I loved everything Gothic, now not as much as I find lots of things in her music that are completely opposite to my views, but she still has some charm to me. And I have a lot of Celtic music which I discovered years ago and still love, so bands like Clannad, Celtic Woman, this kind of stuff.

Despite my love to music of various kinds, I haven’t been to that many concerts. I’ve never seen any of my really favourite musicians live. I’ve seen some Polish musicians when I was at boarding school and we had some outings as a group, but it wasn’t anything really exciting, I don’t even remember who they were now. 馃榾

How about your music taste? 馃檪 Would love to hear about it!