Meinir Gwilym – “Gwallgo” (Crazy).

Hi people! 🙂

Here’s another song by Meinir Gwilym I want to share with you. It is Zofijka’s favourite, and the first song I’ve heard from her, on Radio Cymru! Zofijka says it’s very funny, and she understands strange things in the lyrics, and now actually whenever I hear this song it makes me think of her.

Meinir Gwilym – “Ar Hyd Y Nos” (All Through The Night).

Maybe you guys remember when I posted some Meinir Gwilym’s songs months ago? I guess it might have even been last year. Anyway. She has much more great music than that. So, as it is late evening here, I thought I’d share this sweet, beautiful lullaby, which you may or may not know, I guess it’s pretty popular and has had some English versions. I am a sucker for very beautiful, Celtic-themed lullabies, and this one makes my brain melt. I’m not including the lyrics since they are in the video.

Meinir Gwilym – Cymru, USA (Wales, USA).

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Hi! 🙂
Thought we’d go back to Meinir Gwilym for a while if you don’t mind, I think she has so much fantastic music. Enjoy. 🙂

Meinir Gwilym – We Are All This Land.

Hi! 🙂

Although this time I have another song from Meinir for you, this time it’s different because it’s entirely in English, although still you can’t forget she’s Welsh here, because she sings about “this land”, so her motherland of course. I think it’s beautiful. I always find songs about the countries where people speak my favourite languages, (of course Poland is particularly included here) somehow moving, they’re often so very expressive in some way. So here it is:

Meinir Gwilym – Hen Gitar (Old Guitar).

Hi all! 🙂

Yes, again, Meinir. I hope you aren’t bored. Actually, honestly I would be a bit surprised if you were because it is just sooo beautiful! I really feel like I need to share some of her music. Hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I do. 🙂

Meinir Gwilym – Pa Loches? (What refuge?)

Hi lovely people! 🙂

Thought I’ll show you more of this fantastic singer, Meinir Gwilym, because I just love her music and my love seems to grow. Only yesterday I decided to buy her whole discography. When I decide to buy someone’s whole discography, it’s an honour, 😀 I do it very rarely.

This song is just so beautiful and stunning, one of my favourites from Meinir. Hope you’ll like it too. 🙂

Meinir Gwilym – Y Funud Hon (This moment).

Hi! 🙂

Time for sharing some Meinir Gwilym’s songs with you, I like her so much, I think she’s one of the best Welsh language musicians of this time. She is also a broadcaster. This song is just lovely, the video has the lyrics in it.