Song of the day (16th April) – Méav – “Ailein Dúinn” (Dark-Haired Alan).

   This Scottish piece is most known as the theme song for Rob Roy, in which it was sung by Scottish singer Karen Matheson, who is also known as the vocalist of Capercaillie whose music I’ve previously shared on here. I, however, at least for now, decided to share with you a cover of that Rob Roy version, sung by Méav ni Mhaolchatha, an Irish soprano who feels at home both with folk as well as classical music. She’s also known for being a former member of the Irish all-female group Celtic Woman. As for the song, it is a lament written by Annag Chaimbeul for her fiancée Ailean Moireasdan, who was a sea captain in the 18th century. He was going to be engaged to ANnag in Scalpay, and was sailing there from Stornoway, but was caught in a storm on his way, which ended up tragically as both him and the entire crew sank. After that, Annag no longer wanted to live and died a few months later. There was not enough soil on Scalpay to bury her there, so her father took her coffin to the near island of Harris. However, on his way there, the storm blew Annag’s coffin off his boat and it ended up on Scalpay near her fiancée anyway.