Question of the day.

   The worst job in the world would be… 

   My answer: 

   In my view, probably something that would at the same time have to do with loads of math and loads of socialising. That means math teacher, I guess. 😀 That seriously seems like a truly awful job to me. 

   How about you? 

Question of the day.

   What’s something you have zero interest in? 

   My answer: 

   Even though I’d say I’m at least slightly interested in lots of things, or at least some aspects of them, I’m sure there are also loads of things that I’m just not into at all. One such thing that comes to my mind is sports. I mean, I like horse riding, I like to do it myself (putting my complicated relationship with it aside), I like to hear about other people’s experiences etc. But even with horse riding I’m not that madly and universally into it that I’d follow any horse riding events or watch/read about competitions and so on. With other sports, I’m totally disinterested. I never watch them, unless perhaps occasionally for more social reasons like simply because we’re just sitting with my family in the living room and the telly is on and they’re watching some sport stuff, like my Dad would usually watch football and my Mum likes to watch boxing and some other sports as well, but I’m not likely to pay much attention to that anyway. It actually strikes me as kind of peculiar that so many people here in Poland watch football so religiously even if they don’t have much of an interest in it outside of watching it, and same about ski jumping, which for some people in my Dad’s family it’s just some sacred tradition that they have to watch it, even though aside from that they don’t show any real interest in ski jumping. I’m not into doing any other sports than horse riding either, and I often find it kind of difficult to comprehend their rules, especially team sports, so this is just not something I get. 

   Other such topics would most definitely be all things automotive, which comes to my mind because my Dad, being a lorry driver, is very much interested in and has a lot of knowledge about, and some about Olek, who has also always wanted to be a long-distance driver but for now has ended up being a car mechanic with his own business. So there’s a lot of car talk in my house, which sometimes makes me thinkk that out of all the automotive-ignorant folks out there in the world, my knowledge on the topic must still be quite extensive because I just passively absorb so much stuff about it since very early childhood. 😀 There’s even a whole separate Polish TV channel ALL about cars and my Dad likes to watch it, and it’s just SO insanely boring. I like the fact that there are TV channels about such, well, still relatively niche topic I guess, but I think it’s unfair that there aren’t many more channels which would be all about a specific niche theme or at least that they are not more popular. 

   And speaking of my Dad’s and Olek’s interests, all things military as well. I’m not  a pacifist, but I thinks it’s slightly odd to have such a super strong interest in all things war (WWII specifically) as they do. Of course it’s not because they think it was good or anything, but they just find it super interesting and Olek has always dreamt that he could go to war and experience some real adventure. His view of it is definitely somewhat skewed from having been raised on stuff like the Polish TV series Four Tank-Men and a Dog, which takes place during WWII and deals with the topic in a rather light way. I’m actually surprised that he still hasn’t joined the army which he would really like but I guess my Mum would go crazy and he cares too much about her. But my Dad actually served in the army and while he never explicitly said it that way (because I don’t think he even realises it) I have a strong feeling that he got quite traumatised in there. Not quite PTSD for sure, but he saw some awful things in there and it seems to have been a difficult experience for him overall. Or perhaps I just project my own feelings on him because it sure would have been a shitty experience for me to have gone through all the things he’d gone through there. Anyway, regardless of that, he’s still very much into all things military and all things WWII. I think it’s important to have a decent historical knowledge and especially about the history of your own country, but with the strictly military stuff my thirst for historical knowledge doesn’t really go beyond that, unless it’s things like for example people’s personal stories of how they experienced war and what it was like from their individual perspective or stuff like that. 

   Oh yeah, and maths. Pretty much anything really that involves lots of counting, or counting that feels unnecessary/superfluous to my brain, or lots of numbers in general. It’s just so unappealing. I can deal with simple math if I have to and if it’s actually useful for something, but I have no interest in it and it blows my brain how some people find math-related stuff interesting, engrossing, fascinating, beautiful or whatever else. That means that all things econoomy, finance, budgeting, just money in general feel very unappealing to me as well, and if it’s about my personal finances, also super stressful and overwhelming, even simple shopping sometimes ‘cause I just have no idea about things. Same about physics, it’s super boring. And everything astronomy, space etc. I like it here on Earth and I don’t get why I’d have to think about space, the more that I can’t even see the sky so it feels super abstractive. Some biology- or even chemistry-related stuff can be interesting though. 

   So, these are things that come to my mind first. Others I’m probably so disinterested in that I can’t even think of them. 😀 

   You? 🙂