Question of the day.

What food was a disappointment for you that you were excited to try?

My answer:

One thing that comes to mind is mango. I somehow always thought I’d love it, if not for any other reason then at least because I love most fruits I know. Then one year at school, my friend took me to a Moroccan restaurant. She was actually my Godmother’s friend but ended up also being my friend because she lived relatively close to my school and my Mum arranged with her that she’d speak English with me, as she used to work as a missionary in many English-speaking countries, so that it would be both beneficial for my language skills and also help me emotionally because that worked as a good excuse thanks to which she could often take me somewhere out of there, because officially she was my private English tutor, and I always appreciated a change of scene like that, and we grew quite close over time. So at some point it was my birthday and I confided in her that there was going to be a school prom happening on that same day, and I always hated school proms, and especially wasn’t going to deal with one on my own birthday, and asked her if she was free that day and if we could do something fun instead, as it wasn’t obligatory for me to be at school anyway since there were no normal classes. So we ended up going to that Moroccan restaurant and that was amazing, there was lots of great food and I had never eaten a lot of those things before. And one of the things we got ourselves was mango juice and that was also delicious. So, naturally, I felt even more sure that I’d like the fruit in general.

Finally I had a chance to eat it a few years later, and wasn’t impressed at all. I just didn’t like it whatsoever for some reason. That’s a bit weird, I didn’t have any texture issues with it and I don’t normally have such things that I’d like a fruit juice but not the fruit itself, but oh well, I just don’t like it.

Another such thing for me was zucchini. I know a lot of people who liked it and I always wanted to try it as a little kid thinking that it would be right up my alley because from what people were saying it sounded really good. Well, it’s gross. And by now I’ve tried it a lot, prepared in a lot of ways and in different dishes, but I always hate it just the same. Similarly with other similar things like pumpkin or cucurbit. Of pumpkin, I only like pumpkin seeds. 😀

How about you? 🙂