Question of the day.

You would be really surprised to hear I like…

My answer:

…Sia, Ellie Goulding, and alike. Well I don’t know whether it’s so very surprising, but some people whom I told I do listen to some music that is high in the charts or that is somehow mainstream, were very surprised like it was something completely unbelievable. In fact, although I listen mostly to rather unusual stuff, I like to listen to some more popular music, or sometimes even to very easy, catchy stuff. Well quite a lot of music I listen to can be described as catchy, but I mean stuff that is light, likeable and recognisable by people around me. I don’t really care whether something is popular or not, well if it is it may bother me if I like it, but I don’t avoid mainstream music or favour more niche stuff, I just listen to what I like, but most often it just happens that things I like aren’t known in my surroundings at all. I like ELlie Goulding, who is very popular right now, as well as Sia, I even occassionally like such guys like Jason Derulo or Sean Kingston, they remind me of some happy moments in my childhood, I even like Basshunter, whose music definitely isn’t something very deep, hm, who else… Groove Coverage, Armin van Buuren, Amy Diamond, and some other light pop like her… nothing else comes to my mind right now, but tere are some others. Is it really so surprising? 😀

And how about you? What surprising thing(s) do you like? 🙂