Hjerteslag – Linedanserinne (Line Dancer).

Hi guys. 🙂

Guess what? Before we’ll go on to the song – I’m having such a weird deja vu right now hahaha. I just had to scroll through my blog if I hadn’t posted this song anytime before. Looks like I didn’t, but I still have this weird feeling, so if I’m repetitive and just haven’t noticed, I’m sorry. 😀 I’m having deja vu’s a lot lately, that’s weird. OK, anyway…

Another Norwegian song, though completely different than the one I shared with you on Saturday. Therefore I won’t even try to translate it basing only on my Swedish, because it’s just too complicated, and I can only understand some bits and snippets of it here and there, probably because of quite a guttural accent of the vocalist, because when I saw it written down, it made a little bit more sense. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find an English translation either. But I think still the song is cool.