Question of the day.

Do you like lime or lemon juice more? How do you drink it?

My answer:

I’m gonna say lemon just because I drink lemon juice more often, but they’re both pretty much equally good for me. I add lemon juice to water when I need a really refreshing drink, preferably also with some ice, or sometimes to fizzy drinks that I like. Occasionally I drink water with lemon juice and honey in the mornings. And I used to have lemon juice with alcoholic drinks when I drank those more regularly, like I’d drink Jack Daniels with Pepsi and some lemon juice, or just Jack Daniels with lemon juice. These days I don’t really have drinks, or extremely rarely because we no longer have that tradition of drinking with Mum when watching movies or stuff, and I no longer feel like it and I figured drinking always makes me feel incredibly crappy quite quickly, so I don’t do it even, or especially, when socialising with more people.

How about you? Do you like either lemon or lime juice at all? 🙂