Laura Cannell & Polly Wright – “Gather The Villagers”.

I thought I’d share one more track from Laura Cannell’s brand new collaborative album “These Feral Lands”, more exactly from its first volume. I shared one piece from it already, and as I wrote in that post, this is an experimental music album – as Laura Cannell is an experimental musician and she often fuses it with folk – inspired by sounds of the wild, feral animals and the ancient world. It’s incredibly interesting to listen to. This particular piece is in collaboration with Polly Wright, who is a composer and seems to feel good in a wide areas of genres.

Laura Cannell ft. Kate Ellis – “Alone In The Wolf Thickets”.

Hey people! 🙂

I have an interesting, piece for you today! It’s from English composer, recorder player and violinist Laura Cannell, whose music I’ve previously shared with you. Her music is a fusion of folk with experimental music, I’d say with inspirations both very modern, new and progressive as well as ancient. The piece I want to share with you today comes from her brand new album, which is the first volume of her collaborative series created with a bunch of other artists and Called These Feral Lands. Laura Cannell seems to be often inspired by nature in her music, and this album is no exception, as it focuses on ancient folklore, as well as feral animals. I recently had a listen to it as I stumbled upon it a bit accidentally and since I had a bit to do with her music earlier I thought I’d like to see what this new thing was. As you may or may not know, I like a bit of experimental music, and I obviously love folk. And I enjoyed listening to it I guess even more than I originally thought I would, so I thought I’d share one piece from this album with you, and I chose Alone In The Wolf Thickets. It has been made in collaboration with Dublin-based cellist, Kate Ellis.


Laura cannell ft. Rhodri Davies – “Maske”.

Hi guys. 🙂

A strange little piece today, or actually not so little at all, 8 minutes or maybe even longer. Both Laura Cannell and Rhodri Davies are British experimental musicians, Laura is a fiddler and she also experiments with the recorder since a few years, and Rhodri is experimental harpist. I sometimes do enjoy experimental music, and theirs is quite intriguing, isn’t it?