Alan Stivell – “Tir fo Thuinn – Le Pays qui est Sous les Vagues” (Tir fo Thuinn – The Land Which is Under the Waves”.

   And the piece I have for you today is also a harp piece, this time by Breton musician Alan Stivell. This piece’s title refers to a mythical land under the sea where the Tuatha dé Danann – the magical race from ancient Ireland – were said to have fled after they were defeated and kicked out by Milesians who were the Gaelic people who travelled to Ireland from Iberia, and who were the ancestors of Irish people. 

   Alan Stivell – “Tir fo Thuinn – Le Pays qui est Sous les Vagues”. 

Sobin ar Smaeliaid – “Gwlad Y Rasta Gwyn” (Land of the White Rasta).

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Today, let’s listen to some 90’s Welsh reggae! Welsh-language reggae may seem like quite an obscure thing to some, nevertheless, it’s definitely still a thing and a very interesting one in my opinion! I’ve already shared with you in the past some music by Geraint Jarman who put a lot of effort into introducing reggae to Welsh-language audience, and, more recently, I’ve also shared with you all several songs by the young artist Morgan Elwy who is also very enthusiastic about reggae. Today, it’s time for Bryn Fôn, whose solo music I’ve actually also already shared on here at the beginnings of my blog. Bryn is a very prominent figure on the Welsh-language music scene, was in particular during 80’s and 90’s. He was one of those many artists who contributed to making Welsh music, and thus Welsh language, more cool, and attract younger audience to it via contemporary music that would speak to them. One of Bryn Fôn’s projects was the band Sobin A’r Smaeliaid, which had a lot of fans in its time and I’m sure still does even though Sobin A’r Smaeliaid is no longer a thing. I myself like a lot of their songs too, even though I obviously didn’t know them when they were a thing as I wasn’t a thing then yet, lol, and even if I were it would be doubtful that I’d have any access to Welsh music at the time. They made mostly melodic rock songs with 80’s pop vibe to them. But there’s clearly some real need for reggae in Wales, because when they competed with this particular song in Cân i Gymru in 1990, they won, just like Morgan Elwy did last year with a reggae song as well. Perhaps that’s just what it takes to win Cân i Gymru – make a reggae song! 😀 I believe this was the first winner song in this contest with so much energy in it and generally such a distinctive feel to it and it’s not surprising that it must have made quite an impression. Bryn Fôn also won this competition again solo after a couple years, but that second time it was a pop song, not quite so ear-catching, at least in my opinion. 

   From what i gather, this song is a bit similar in lyrics to Geraint Jarman’s “Ethiopia Newydd” (New Ethiopia) because here we also have a comparison of Wales to Zion in Ethiopia and Wales is called “white Ethiiopia”. 

Question of the day (9th October).

If you got unlimited money, what would be the first thing you’d buy?

My answer:

I really don’t know. It would certainly be cool having unlimited money and never have to worry about that stuff, be able to help people and live the way I want, but it’s not like I have any specific things that I’d dream of buying or anything. My Mum keeps saying that it’s a good thing to buy some land and/or property if one can afford to, in a good location, so that you can either sell it after some time if need be and make some money on it or start some business there or have a place to go on holidays or something. While if my money would be unlimited, I certainly wouldn’t need even more, it would be cool having an alternative place to live somewhere else, perhaps something very fancy like a castle, or just a small, cosy hideout, be it permanently or at some specific time of year or something, or I could give it to someone else in my family who’d be in need of a place to live or start a business in, like, Olek is currently looking into finding himself one somewhere in the countryside and potentially farming or doing something that could give him some more profit than his small business already does.

But more realistically, I always like to think things through, so even if I did indeed plan on buying some land or property after acquiring all that money, it would likely be some time until I’d actually decide that I seriously want to buy it and where exactly etc. and in that time, I’d probably already buy stuff like groceries or books or something like that. 😀

You? 🙂