Kati Ran ft. Heilung – “Flamme” (Flame).

Hey people! 🙂

Today I have a song for you from a very interesting, international music project, which is fairly new to me. Heilung are three people (Kai Uwe Faust from Germany, Christopher Juul from Norway and Maria Franz from Denmark, whom I was also familiar with from her other band Euzen and collaboration with Valravn/Virelai). Their name means healing in German and they make experimental Nordic folk music, using a lot of interesting instruments from the Old Norse period, as well as singing in multiple languages, like German, English, Norwegian, but also Old Norse or Old English. There’s plenty of references to Germanic and Old Norse mythology. Since it’s very much pagan folk, they didn’t make it to the list of my favourite Nordic folk artists, as I am Christian, but I think their music is very interesting simply because of their approach to it and how involved they are in this and in recreating this music as accurately as possible, it’s clear that they definitely know what they’re doing. This project surely has lots of character and I always like it. Kati Ran, in turn, is a Dutch solo singer who also makes Old Norse music. The second part of her stage name comes from the Norse goddess Ran – a personification of the sea, wife of the jötunn Agir who also personifies the sea, and mother of nine daughters who all personify waves. –

This song is sung in Norwegian, and below is a translation that I’ve found. In the lyrics mention Norns, who are the Norse deities of destiny, much like the Greek Moirai or the Roman Parcae. One verse is not in Norwegian and, to me, it appears to be Old Norse, but I could be wrong, perhaps it’s Icelandic or something.


Sing to my heart

Come onto the ground

The weave is my faith

When the Norns cry

Sing to my heart

Like a flame

Light up the threads

Burns down lovers

Sing to me

Closer than strings

Weave your way to me

Spread your wings

The creation wins

Skin on skin

Because when we meet

Fires burn

Madr hverr lifir at munom sinom

Sing to my heart

Come onto the ground