Song of the day (16th February) – Kate Bush – “Babooshka”.

And another, the last one for now, song by Kate Bush I’d like to share with you that is one of my favourites, is also one of the more famous and widely popular ones. I think the lyrics of it are very intriguing.

Song of the day (15th February) – Kate Bush – “Wuthering Heights).

Hey hey people. 🙂

I’m here. I told you I’m going to share some more of Kate Bush’s music with you, but eventually everything just got messed up, I got some sort of norovirus or whatever, which if you know that I’m emetophobic you can imagine is quite horrific to me, although no I didn’t throw up. Anyway, I’m getting better, and I’ll catch up on posts soon I hope.

So here’s I guess my most fvourite song by Kate Bush, it’s just so stunning, I just love her high registers here, I love the lyrics, and also I’m a big fan of all three Bronte sisters, so no wonder I like this song. In comparison to most music on my blog, this one is quite famous, but if someone doesn’t know, Kate was inspired to write this song because of Emily Bronte’s book “Wuthering Heights”.

Kate Bush – “And Dream Of Sheep”.

Hi guys. 🙂

One of the more popular musicians that are popular more widely, not just somewhere locally, and whom I actually really like, is Kate Bush. I find something really resonating with me in her music. Not all of it, but most. And I like her voice a lot, though I know quite a few people who don’t and I can’t understand why. 😀 So, I’d like to share with you a few, probably just two, but maybe more, I’m not sure yet, songs by her, that I either just really really like, or have some fabulous associations with, and I have fabulous associations with many Bush’s songs simply because I started to discover her music at a really fabulous time in my life. So here’s the song from more of the latter category – great associations – called “And Dream Of Sheep.