Ji Nilsson – “Sofi”.

Hi people. 🙂

I shared a song by Ji Nilsson with you a couple days ago. I know her music just since a bit more than a month, and while she’s maybe not one of my most most favourite artists, I certainly do like her music. On Christmas Eve I was listening to her music, and I discovered this song. It was such a big surprise to me! Because, in some way, in a lot of ways, it’s as if this song was about my Sofi and me. My Sofi is of course called Zofijka, but I very often call her just Sofi (rather not Sofie, or Sophie, but just Sofi), and I think it is a rather rare spelling, so even this thing itself is strange, that there is a song for Sofi, not Sophie, nor Sofie, not Sofia, but Sofi. And it turns out Ji Nilsson wrote it for her sister. I think it’s such a weird and interesting coincidence. It’s really pretty much about us, only that her Sofi is her big sister.

Ji Nilsson – “Nothing”.

Hi guys. 🙂

I thought we’d kick off the full-blown Christmas songs season here but I guess I’ll wait until Christmas Eve, or maybe even a bit longer if there will be something else non Christmassy that will catch my attention meanwhile. So today I have a non Christmassy song for you, from a Swedish pop singer Ji Nilsson – I’ve already showed you one song of hers made in collaboration with Janice (“TvÃ¥ Av Oss”). This one is in English, and I think overall it’s cool.