Question of the day.

What does an ideal life look like for you? 🙂

My answer:

It’s really hard to say because no life can be ideal, so I’ve never seen such a life, plus I only know my own life well enough to tell anything more meaningful about what it looks like and while far from being very bad, it’s not ideal either, which makes it a very abstractive topic. But I guess some features that an idea life would have could be that a person living it would feel fulfilled, successful and happy, whatever that would mean for them. They would be able to do whatever they wanted to do with their life and not feel restrained by anything in that and they would be able to truly feel that their life is their own. Such a life would be satisfactory to the one living it and maybe even make others feel envious that they don’t have such lives. There would be no sense of lack of anything in it, but everything would be in moderation, or as much as the person would need. It should be peaceful, but also interesting and not too boring.

What do you think? 🙂