Question of the day.

What makes us human (besides our DNA)?

My answer:

What I think of primarily is that we have souls, and that we are by nature conscientious beings and tend to have more of a sense of dignity. We also have a wider range of emotions – or at least I haven’t heard of an animal that would have as wide spectrum of what they can feel as we have – and have unique ways of communication that are quite specific to us. –

What do you think? 🙂

Joakim Lundell ft. Sophie Elise – “Only Human”.

And the song for today isn’t Christmassy at all, it’s another song by Joakim Lundell I promised I’d share, made in collaboration with Sophie Elise (or Sofie Isachsen) as a vocalist. As you may remember, he’s Swedish, but Sophie Elise is a Norwegian celebrity and influencer, as far as I know she started off as a blogger, but is also a model, singer and actress, according to Norwegian Wikipedia or at least that’s what I was able to understand with my Swedish. 😀 I must say I really like this song, it’s just very nice. 🙂