Question of the day.

Hi people. πŸ™‚

My question for you today is:

Where have you been?

My answer:

I’ve been to Dreamland last night, finally. It wasn’t a very restful night for some reason but I did get some sleep and am not a Zombie anymore.

I’ve been living here where I live for almost 4 years now. Unbelievable! And what is more unbelievable when I look back at it is how quickly I adapted to living in this house. I’m very happy that I no longer live on the same backyard with my Mum’s family, and that we live in such a lovely place. In a town, where everywhere is near and you’re anonymous, but almost like in the countryside – on the outskirts and a lot of people are actually farming here so it doesn’t feel like a real town, not in our area of it anyway. –

I’ve been to four foreign countries in my life, not that many I guess. Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech and Sweden. All apart from Sweden were only day trips, but I enjoyed staying in all of those.

I’ve been to loads of wonderful and scary places in my brain world, and I’m sure there are still many that I haven’t discovered yet.

How about you? πŸ™‚ Feel free to answer this question in whatever way you like. πŸ™‚

Question of the day.

Did you share bedroom with any siblings?

My answer:

Yes, for some years. The first house that we lived in was in the countryside, we shared the same backyard with my maternal grandparents and my Mum’s two sisters and their gradually developing and growing families. My grandad has built this house for my Mum. It was pretty small. There was a kitchen, a mini bathroom, and a living room, and from the living room you could go upstairs. There was one big, sort of open plan room and we all lived there, that is my parents, me and Olek. Me and Olek slept in one part of it, and my parents in the other. Strangely, as much as I’ve always had an enormous need for privacy, this particular thing rarely bothered me much. In a way I even liked it because it was easier to deal with my night time anxieties when I had my family all around, and my Dad snoring his lungs out every night (now I couldn’t sleep with that level of noise). Sure, I liked the idea of having my own room and I envied a little bit other kids who did, though I also remember that it was normal to me to not have your own room, and I remember feeling genuinely surprised hearing from other children for example at school that they have their own rooms. It wasn’t something I desperately wanted or dreamt about every night though. I think it was also good because then it let me get used to sharing bedrooms with roommates at school, which is a different thing than sharing a room with your family but I think it made it easier for me than if I went to school without having that experience before, especially with my need for privacy and adjustment issues I had there. Some time before my Mum was pregnant with Sofi, at least a year before Sofi but I think it must have been a few years, my parents got an idea of building a new house, technically on the roof of my grandparents, and a much bigger one. This whole thing lasted for years, because they had real bad luck with the people they hired and other stuff kept going wrong, it was really exhausting and affected all of us in a bad way, I wouldn’t believe building a new house could affect your entire life and your whole family like that if someone told me and if I didn’t know from my own experience, I thought we would always be just building it and will never really move in there, as I said I don’t even remember in which year or at what time it had started because it felt like we’d been building that house since forever. And then when Zofijka was 2 months we moved to our new house very spontaneously, though it still wasn’t fully finished, and I had my own room there, and at this point, I can’t imagine sharing a room with someone else all the time, not even a sibling.

How about you? πŸ™‚

Naomi Pilgrim – “House Of Dreams”.

And here is the second song from Naomi Pilgrim that I want to show you. I LOVE the lyrics, that’s the main reason I like this song so much. I’ve heard it for the first time only yesterday yet it’s still in my mind and I feel like listening to it over, and over, and over again. If I’m honest with you, at the beginning, when I listened to it for the very first time, it didn’t sit right with me really. I’ve said that I appreciate Naomi’s way with harmonies, the way she creates her music, the way it is produced. And I could see that the harmonies in this song were also really interesting to hear, very captivating, but I have that sensory thing with some sounds, not only with sounds, with harmonies too. Sometimes I just hear a song and it may be even beautiful, interesting, cool, but… ick, at some point there is something in the harmonies, that I guess other people don’t perceive the same, I’ve asked dozens of people believe me, that gives me a quick adrenalin shot, the dose depends on how bothering it is, and it just makes me feel kind of anxious… uncomfortable… I don’t know how to explain it… I guess as if it was incompatible with my brain. πŸ˜€ It’s not about disharmony, just certain types of sounds and harmonies, or maybe sequences of sounds I should say, I don’t know if there is any objective rule or a specific kind of things that can make me feel this way. It’s a weird feeling. But that’s just one of my sensory quirks. Usually, if I get that, it’s not passable, and I know I should avoid the thing that triggered this feeling in me, especially if it’s strong because it can get worse and make me feel just more generally anxious and unsettled. But I kept on listening to this song, because I was curious, and it felt like with time it actually stopped bothering me so much. Maybe because I focused on these great lyrics. And at this point, I can ignore the stuff that doesn’t agree with my brain, and now as it doesn’t bother me so much, it feels like it makes the song more intriguing. I wish I could do that with everything and with much more intense stuff. πŸ˜€ Weirdly, soul seems to be the kind of music that very often contains such harmonies and sequences that make me feel unsettled more or less. I do love this songΒ  overall, and I do love the dream-like feel of it and Naomi’s vocals and, as I said, the lyrics above all. Dreamers unite. πŸ˜€

Question of the day.

How big is your house?

My answer:

Bigger than we need, as my Mum often likes to notice, but we all seem to like it this way, and my Mum prefers big houses. We have a very big living room, which is actually divided in two parts, one is like a lounge, with the TV, sofas and stuff, and the other is more like a dining room but we use it only for some extremely festive and stately occasions like when there are many people coming for dinner or some holidays like Christmas or Easter meals or big family events, normally we rather don’t eat there. From the living room you can also go to the terrace. We have a kitchen, a fairly small one, well it’s big but it’s also divided in two parts and one isn’t actually the kitchen any longer but a dining room where we eat all the meals. It’s open, so it feels like almost the same space with the kitchen. We have two tables there, but usually eat at only one, now as I think of it it seems quite weird to have two dining rooms and two tables, wait, three, one in that other dining room in the living room, and eat in only one place, at only one table. πŸ˜€

We have a very small but very neat-looking loo there downstairs, like it’s a normal loo but almost everything there is wooden and someone said that our loo is probably the best looking one in the whole county. πŸ˜€ That may be true. We have a big big cellar, which we use as a pantry, laundry room, a separate cell for Misha, where he is thrown in if he’s too whiny, and Mum does ironing there and sometimes just sits there on her own and God knows what she does, probably just rests, she certainly must need it. There is also a shower and you can get from there to the garage and to the furnace or go out.

Mum and Dad’s room is on the landing and it’s also fairly big, Mum has also a separate part of this room used as a sort of cloak room or dressing room or I don’t know how to call it properly. And they also have the door to the terrace in their room.

And on the floor there is a bathroom, with a less representative loo as guests usually don’t bother climbing there and are not encouraged to in most cases, πŸ˜€ mostly because right beside the loo there is my room with loads of scary stuff in there which is not for everyone’s squeamish nervous systems. πŸ˜€ The bathroom is medium I guess and my room as well, though having lived before in a tiny room in the attic it feels rather big to me compared to that and even with all my scary and not scary stuff I don’t use up all the space in here so Misha shares the room with me. Here’s a great evidence how quickly people’s views can change, even three years ago I would flinch at even the mere thought of sharing my own, private room with someone, and now I’m sharing my room with Misha. Next to mine is Olek’s room which is very big with a very big or should I say long bed. Mine is actually a double bed so not the smallest either, but Olek’s bed is really really long, as he is very tall himself. And he also can go out to the terrace from his room. And on the far left is Zofijka’s room, which is big but apparently not the easiest to design so it feels rather packed. Zofijka has actually two rooms, one big, and one small, which is a sort of hole in the wall, you can go in there (on all fours because the ceiling is very low) and it’s a nice hiding place and ZOfijka plays there and sometimes makes her homework. There’s no window but otherwise I think it could be also a nice place to sleep in.

So yeah, our house is certainly big, but I’ve also seen bigger ones, so I guess it’s not very very big overall.

How about yours? πŸ™‚

Question of the day (3rd February).

What’s the most symbolic item in your living room?

My answer:

I guess it depends what you mean by symbolic. Hmm, maybe the telly? πŸ˜€ For my Dad and Zofijka it’s definitely symbolic. πŸ˜€ But other than that, I guess we don’t have many symbolic things. πŸ˜€

How about you? πŸ™‚

Question of the day.

Do you have an attic, basement or cellar?

My answer:

We have a cellar, though we usually call it laundry room because there is a washing machine, an iron and other stuff, but we also have a freezer there. It isn’t actually like most cellars that I’ve been to, it’s quite cosy and I like to be there with my Mum and chat with her when she’s doing something there. We used to regularly drink whisky there at weekends, now we don’t do that very often though. Misha likes to go there too and it’s a very intriguing place for him. It’s near the staircase and you can go straight to the garrage from there as well as to the boiler and my Dad’s smokehouse. We also have a shower in the cellar so when you come home and are really dirty and sweaty like I usually am after horse riding you can come inn through the cellar and have a shower on the way instead of taking all the dirt and smell with you inside, and we can just use it as a second bathroom which can be sometimes very useful when everyone is hurrying up to go somewhere at the same time as it often happens in families.

In our previous house in the countryside, we used to have both a basement and an attic shared with our grandparents, which you entered from the backyard, I liked that attic a lot, I generally seem to like attics for some reason, although that one was always very dusty, but somehow atmospheric. Also we had a small attic of our own, at first only my parents had their room there, then there was also Zofijka’s room added, but when Zofijka grew a little she turned out to be too nosey and sociable to be able to live and play upstairs while all the life was going on downstairs without her knowledge. So we changed rooms and she got my room downstairs which was way too big for me and I was very happy to take Zofijka’s small but beautiful room on the attic. I really liked it and this way our rooms suited us much better. Now we don’t have an attic though, and I think that’s a pity. πŸ™‚

How about you? πŸ™‚

Song of the day (15th December) – Unni Wilhelmsen – “Farmors Hus” (Grandma’s House). Unni

Hi guys. πŸ™‚

Here’s the song I chose for yesterday but had quite a chaotic day so didn’t post it finally, I think it’s very interesting. It was originally performed by Wenche Myhre, but the first version that I’ve heard was Unni Wilhelmsen’s and I guess I like it more.