Golden Bough – “The Wren Boys / Gavin’s / Honeysuckle”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Today I’d like to share with you a set of three tunes performed by a group whom, a bit strangely, I have discovered only very recently. I say strangely because not only does this group seem quite popular on the Celtic music scene, or at least the American Celtic music scene, but also one of its founding members is harpist Margie Butler, whom I’ve been loving for years. And I have quite a sentiment for her music which I’ve already written on here before, because I actually was introduced to it by my Mum, who bought me a tape with her music when I was a kid and when my interest in all things Celtic started emerging. I believe she’s even better known as part of Golden Bough rather than a soloist, and they’ve been around ever since the 80’s, so it’s a bit strange that it took me so long to find out about the existence of this group, but I’m glad that I have come across them after all and would like to share something from them with you. 

   Golden Bough are based in California, but have toured quite a lot. The group was founded by the aforementioned Margie Butler, as well as Margot Duxler, Lief Sørbye, Paul Espinoza and Simon Spaulding. Currently, it is a trio, consisting of Margie Butler (Celtic harp, penny whistle, recorder, bodhran), Paul Espinoza (accordion, octave-mandolin) and Kathy Sierra (violin, viola). All members of the group also sing and each of them can play the guitar. 

   All three tunes are Irish hornpipes. 

Ailie Robertson – “Lili’s Hornpipe / The Harp and Shamrock”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   For today I have for you a lovely medley by Scottish harpist Ailie Robertson, of two tunes, which are both hornpipes, and both sound very lively and catchy. The first one as far as I’m aware is Ailie’s original composition, and the other one seems to be a traditional Irish hornpipe. 


   Ailie Robertson – “Lili’s Hornpipe / The Harp and Shamrock