Alan Stivell – Marv Pontkalleg (Pontcallec Conspiracy).

Hey guys! πŸ™‚

Compared with my extreme love of Celtic harp, there is very little harp on this blog, and I am planning to change it in the upcoming weeks or perhaps months. Today, I want to share with you one of my all-time favourite harp pieces, by one of the most famous Celtic harpists, and probably the most famous Breton harpist – Alan Stivell. – I heard it for the first time many years ago and I instantly loved it because it sounded so heart-breakingly bittersweet to me and was just so beautiful. It continues, as I said, to be one of my most favourite harp pieces to this day.

However, until very recently, I had no idea what its title could mean, or what’s generally the message behind it. I don’t speak any Breton and it didn’t sound particularly similar to any words in the other Celtic languages that I’d know. One day I finally checked it up and was quite surprised. I’d never think that the inspiration behind it could be so rough but it makes it the more fascinating for me. The title means Pontcallec Conspiracy, and so refers to the historical event in Brittany called

Conspiracy of Pontcallec

(or Pontkalleg in Breton). Really fascinating!

Here is this beautiful piece.

Question of the day (31st January).

Which historical figure would you like to be?

I find many historical figures interesting, but… be them myself? I really don’t know. Recently I’ve read a book about Eleanor of Aquitaine, and she sounded like a very fascinating person, I think it had to be interesting to be her, so maybe I would choose her, though I don’t know if I would find myself in her times. But other than that, presently I have no idea.

You? πŸ™‚