Highasakite – Golden Ticket.

Hi. 🙂

“Boy, can you hear Misha?” 😀 That’s what Zofijka heard in this song. Of course there’s “Can You Hear Me Shout” not “Misha”, but it’s funny, isn’t it? I really like it how you can understand weird and funny things in music in other languages. I really liked this song even before Zofijka’s discovery though.

Highasakite – 5 Million Miles.

Hi. 🙂

This is one of my favourite Norwegian bands, or artists in general. There’s a lot of similar music in NOrway and I like it, they’re really good at doing all the indie, acoustic, or electro stuff, and anything close to it.

And this band is one of the more famous on that indie/electro scene in Norway, as far as I know. They’re called Highasakite. I have a few songs by them that I really love, but I still can’t decide whether I’ll make some longer series with their music or just share this one song. Anyway, here it is, the song for today.