Question of the day.

What kind of hairstyle do you have? What kind of hair type do you have?

My answer:

I have fringe since my early teens and I’ve had pretty short hair for quite a while already, like four years I guess, because it’s just easier for me. But I had a haircut last week and now they’re even shorter, I aim to a bob. As for my hair type, my hair is very very thick, everyone on my Mum’s side has extremely thick and strong hair. I had black hair for a long time, or in other very dark tones, there also was a while when I had it red like carrot red, but now I’m back to my natural colour, not because I like it, I don’t, but because it’s much less hassle around it and it’s more pragmatic. My natural hair is something in between dark blonde and very light brown, kind of mousey I guess.

How about yours? 🙂