Nansi Richards – “Gwenynen Gwent” (Bee of Gwent).

   Hey people! 🙂 

   For today, I have for you a little traditional tune played by the great Welsh harpist Nansi Richards. This piece is also known under it’s English title – The Busy Bee of Gwent – and it honours Augusta Hall, Lady Llanover, whose bardic name was Gwenynen Gwent. She was a Welsh baroness,  patron of Welsh arts who was very involved in preserving Welsh folk culture in the 19th century, but most notably invented the Welsh national costume. 

   Unfortunately, because SongWhip seems to be in a sulky mood today and doesn’t want to create links, or perhaps it stopped working as some foretold it would sooner or later, the only thing I have for you is a Spotify link, so people who don’t have Spotify will only be able to listen to a short fragment of this already short piece. 

Nansi Richards – “Gwenynen Gwent”.