Gwenno – Hunros (Dream).


Do you remember Gwenno? I shared one of her songs with you on my first day of blogging here. It was the single of the album “Le Kov” which was still to be released back then. It came out on 2nd March, and I have listened to it many times since then. “Le Kov” means A Place Of Memory, and I must say, that every time I went to this place, I definitely didn’t want to leave and wanted to go deeper and deeper, it’s so mystical and beautiful, and I just love Gwenno’s psychedelic sounds.

Gwenno is from Wales, but apart from being Welsh, she is also Cornish, and Cornish is her second mother tongue. Which is brilliant, since Cornish had extincted, and now is being revived and has only about 1000 speakers. I love Cornish, and if I love a language, I want to hear it in music, but I’ve always found it very hard to find music in Cornish. And this album seems just for me because it’s entirely in Cornish!

“Hunros” means dream in Cornish. The first time I’ve heard it was on BBC in Cerys Matthews’ programme, where she interviewed Gwenno, before the album was released. I heard it, and I just fell in love. It spoke to me. It is so full of longing, and a very speciffic kind of sadness. Gwenno said it is a lullaby she wrote for her son – Nico. A bit weird for a lullaby, but lovely.

Song Of The Day – Gwenno – “Tir Ha Mor”.

So to finally set in to some blogging routine, I am sharing with you my first song of the day, with a little background to it. This first song will be much in the style of music I am listening to the most right now.

Gwenno Saunders (known more widely just as Gwenno) is a Welsh artist, singing in Welsh, but even though I think her music is very accessible to non Welsh speakers. She’s a musician, keyboardist and dancer. Her music is defined as electro pop. Gwenno is also half Cornish – her father is from Cornwall and talked to her in Cornish when she was a child so she is also fluent in this beautiful language.

“Tir Ha Mor” is the first single of her album which will come out on the 2nd of March.

Enjoy! 🙂