Iris – “Giving In”.

The song I chose for today is from a Norwegian pop artist that is still relatively new to me – I’ve known about her for a few months but only recently listened to her music more closely. – Iris lives near Bergen in Norway and comes from a very musical family. I think this is my favourite song of hers, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Question of the day.

If you were to make, not buy, anyone a gift, or give a favour as a gift, what would it be?

My answer:

Hard to say, just for anyone… I guess it would depend on the person whom I would be to give it to and whether it would be their special day or just a random act of kindness or something like that. I suck at doing art like all sorts of visual arts so it surely wouldn’t be anything like a card or any other hand-made thing. I think I’d try to help them in a way that would be useful and indeed helpful for them and that would make them happy, and that would be doable for me. Like I usually try to help my Mum out in the kitchen when it’s her birthday or name day, usually with preparations before everything starts or with cleaning up, it’s usually a bit but even the fact that she’s not alone in the kitchen is good as she says and in my opinion it sucks when you have to be in the kitchen and make food for people while in fact it’s your birthday. Or if the gift was for Zofijka I could play and just spend more time with Zofijka and make her laugh, since these are the things she really likes, to play, talk and laugh. I am also a good listener or so I suppose so I could make such person a favour of listening to them and their problems, or joys, or whatever. I’ve had people asking me for such weird gifts like very detailed characteristics of their names, and I’m happy to do that too if I have enough time, hahaha.

How about you? 🙂