Geraint Jarman – Reggae Reggae.

Hi guys! 🙂

I know, I planned to show you all my favourite Geraint Jarman songs until the end of this week, but because of some other things that I felt like needed to be shared with you first, it has belated a bit again. Today I have for you another song from his newest album “Dwyn Yr Hogyn Nol” (Bring The Boy Back), called “Reggae Reggae”. One of my favourite reggae pieces in reggae music in general, close after all the Polish reggae stuff I like.

Geraint Jarman – “Dwyn Yr Hogyn Nol” (Bring The Boy Back).

Hi guys. 🙂

Ok so until the end of this week I’m gonna show you the rest of my favourite songs by Geraint Jarman. Most of them actually will be from the same album from which the last one – “Be Nei Di Janis?” – was, which is his newest album.

This is the title track of this album called “Dwyn Yr Hogyn Nol” (Bring The Boy Back).

Geraint Jarman- “Be Nei Di Janis?” (What Will You Do, Janis?)

Hi guys! 🙂

I’ve showed you Fairport Convention with Sandy Denny recently and I thought we’d stay for a while at British people who are popular/iconic/legendary in their music genre/region, but not anywhere else. There are so many great artists who are known only locally, one of my crushes Cornelis Vreeswijk would be a great example.

So, Geraint Jarman is a Welsh artist, he’s called the father of Welsh language popular music, he is the one who introduced reggae to the Welsh language music scene and was very popular in the 70’s-80’s. I can’t say I like all his music, it’s certainly good but not always quite speaks to me, but I have a few favurite pieces and I will show them to you. This one is from his newest album, which is as far as I know from 2011. What I find good about his music, is that it seems to evolve with time. I mean, some people who got some popularity and have achieved something in their field, be it music or whatever else, often tend to stop at the level they achieved years ago and don’t ddevelop with time, so I think that’s good he’s not one of them.

The song is called “Be Nei Di Janis” which, if I didn’t screw up anything, means “what will you do, Janis. I hope i got it right however I might be wrong as I’m learning northern Welsh and this be nei di seems to be a bit of a southernism to me.