Georgia Ruth – “Hallt” (Salty).

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   Today, I want to share with you a beautiful song from Welsh singer, songwriter and harpist Georgia Ruth’s debut album – Week of Pines. – Like all her subsequent albums, it is bilingual, and this is one of three Welsh-language songs of it, the other two I’ve already shared on here in the past. Its title can be translated as either salty or sharp. 

Georgia Ruth – “Cynnes” (warm).

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   So far, I have shared quite a few songs from Georgia Ruth’s 2020 album Mai (May), a very spring-themed or spring-like album of hers that I really like. Today I thought I’d share another song from it, which is in Welsh. I only understand little snippets from it really, but it seems to be about when the weather feels inconsistent with the season, like having sun in winter, for example, and the mixed feelings that this brings. 

Georgia Ruth – “When I Was Blue”.

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   To finish this year off here at My Inner Mishmash, today I’d like to share with you this melancholic song from Georgia Ruth’s album Fossil Scale, which, as is very typical for this artist, is quite interesting lyrically. 

Georgia Ruth – “Sylvia”.

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   The song I have for you today comes from Georgia Ruth’s album Fossil Scale. This is a mostly English-language album, if I remember correctly this song is the only Welsh one on it. And it’s actually a cover, because it was first sung by Meic Stevens who also wrote it himself. Meic Stevens is a very prominent figure on the Welsh folk and folk rock music scene, a lot of his songs are considered classics and many have a sort of psychedelic feel to them. I have actually shared one of his songs, a Christmas one called Noson Oer Nadolig (Cold Christmas Night). I believe Sylvia was released by him in the 70’s. I really like Georgia Ruth’s arrangement of it. 

Georgia Ruth – “Bones”.

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   For today, I decided to share with you something else from the Welsh singer and harpist Georgia Ruth. This particular song comes from her EP called In Luna. Like most of her music, be it in Welsh or English, the whole EP is very interesting lyrically. 

Georgia Ruth – “Half-Forgotten Heartbreak”.

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   I’ve already shared quite a few songs by Welsh singer, songwriter and harpist Georgia Ruth on here over time, as I really like her music. But, this past summer she has released an EP called Kingfisher, and so far I haven’t mentioned it on here, despite having given it as a whole a few listens over the months and having included all of the songs in my huge Bibiel playlist. So today I thought I’d share with you the single from this EP. I really like its musical minimalism. THe song, as you’ll be able to find out and as you may already guess from the title, deals with the topic of those people, romantic relationships, or situations, that were once an important part of one’s life, but over time the memories have waned a bit and only pop up from time to time, which is not necessarily always welcome. 

Georgia Ruth – “Terracotta”.

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   For today, I thought I’d share with you something else from Georgia Ruth’s 2020 album Mai, which I really like and from which I’ve shared a few songs already. I like how sweet and calmly joyful this one feels. 

Georgia Ruth – “Madryn”.

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   Even though it’s summer already, and pretty hot over here, I thought we’d listen to a song from Georgia Ruth’s spring-filled album from two years ago called Mai (May). I don’t really know much about this piece, I don’t even know what, if anything, Madrynn means in Welsh, as my dictionary doesn’t know this word, but I like how this song sounds. 

Georgia Ruth – “Codi Angor” (Raise The Anchor).

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   For today, I have a shanty song for you! As much as I love folk music in general, and despite I have a close connection to the sea due to having lived close to it,, I’m generally not into shanties at all. Except this song I want to share with you today, if I wouldn’t have known that it’s a shanty from what I read about it, if I didn’t know what its title means and didn’t understand some bits and pieces of the lyrics, I probably wouldn’t have figured it out. This song was very popular with Welsh sailors working in Liverpudlian docks, and I really like Georgia Ruth’s rendition of it. I am not including the translation because you can find it in the description of the video, as well as the Welsh original lyrics. 


Song of the day (10th November) – Alaw ft. Georgia Ruth – “Y G’lomen”.

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Sorry for my total absence for a few days, I’ve been sick lately and wasn’t able to get out of bed or think coherently really.

This absolutely beautiful Welsh traditional song is sung by already well-known on this blog singer songwriter Georgia Ruth, and accompanied by the band Alaw, it comes from Alaw’s 2017 album Dead Man’s Dance, where we can also hear one of my faza people – Gwilym Bowen Rhys – singing in two songs. The band’s name means melody, and it consists of Nia Lynn, Dylan Fowler and Oli Wilson Dickson.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what g’lomen is. It doesn’t really look like a Welsh word to me, not a contemporary Welsh word anyway, I’ve never come across Welsh words starting with G followed by an apostrophe. And my understanding of the lyrics is too patchy to make it out. Apparently glomen without the apostrophe means glowing in Middle English, so maybe it’s something to do with that? Or maybe it’s something like gloaming. These are just my loose theories, none of whhich is probably true, but actually, this song’s vibe could easily make one think of gloaming.

Georgia Ruth – “Cosmos”.

Hi people! 🙂

This year I’ve shared with you a few songs from Georgia Ruth’s latest album “May” already, and today I thought I’d share yet another one. The whole album feels very fresh in a spring-like way to me, which is no wonder as it’s dedicated to the spring month, but this song, as well as In Bloom which I shared earlier in the year, are totally filled with this air. Perhaps spring-like is not necessarily how most of us feels right now, but since this time of year can feel a bit gloomy for a lot of people, I thought that a spring- and floral-themed song like this will feel refreshing.

Song of the day (26th September) – Georgia Ruth – “Cloudbroke”.

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Catching up on yesterday’s song of the day, as I had a migraine so couldn’t do that in the right time, I’m sharing with you another song from Welsh singer, songwriter and harpist Georgia Ruth, namely from her 2016 album Fossil Scale. This is something slightly different from most of her music, more electronic and with a bit of an R&B feel and I came across opinions that it’s the worst track from that album, but I like it nonetheless and while there are songs by her that I like more, I definitely don’t consider it bad.

Georgia Ruth – “The Doldrums”.

Hey guys! 🙂

Today I thought we could listen to yet another one song by Georgia Ruth, from her album Fossil Scale. I think if I had to pick my favourite album from her it would be this one, and this particular song is one of my favourites from this album, it’s just so very beautiful. I remember once reading a review of this album, where someone compared her style in general, and also especially this song, to Sandy Denny (known from bands like Fairport Convention or Fotheringay) whom I absolutely adore, and I think this is a very accurate comparison.

Georgia Ruth – “7 Rooms”.

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The song for today comes from Georgia Ruth’s latest album – “Mai” (which means May, as I’m sure you can figure out) – and I think is one of my favourite songs from this release. In 2017, Georgia Ruth – who is in relationship with Iwan Huws from the band Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog whose one song I shared on here before too – gave birth to a son (and of course, the baby namer and name nerd in me is super curious what his name is, as I’m always into how people name their babies, and I’ve noticed that British folk singers often have fabulous ideas in this department, 😀 but I don’t think they felt like sharing this information with the whole huge world which is absolutely understandable). Anyways, this song is one of a few on this album which have been inspired by her motherhood. It’s about her hospital stay after childbirth and feeling quite lost in there, I suppose as much emotionally in the new situation as literally in all those rooms and other complex structures hospitals tend to have. I like how it starts of a bit depressive and confused, and then becomes more joyous and hopeful.

Georgia Ruth – “Week Of Pines”.

Hey people! 🙂

I’d like to share another beautiful song from Georgia Ruth with you guys today. I think it is one of my favourites from her. The lyrics are interesting, I love the harp in it obviously, and it just flows so well as a whole. It is the title track of one of her albums, and the album as a whole is all about homecoming, joyfulness and forgiveness of previously made mistakes, and it’s so full of nature.

Georgia Ruth ft. Quodega – “In Bloom”.

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Today I have for you a really cool piece by Georgia Ruth, which I really like. Rather than sharing the original version though, I thought I’d share a rework by a musician called Quodega, who seems to be somehow connected to Cardiff independent record label Bubblewrap Collective.

Song of the day (13th November) – Georgia Ruth – “Brychni” (Freckles).

A couple days ago, I had an absolutely lovely dream. I don’t remember much of it now as it has faded but I remembered a fair bit after I woke up and it was so happy. As you may know, I always sleep with the music from Spotify or some radio station playing quietly in the background as that helps me with the sensory anxiety and is generally fun. I also like having a soundscape to my dreams, haha. And when I woke up from that happy dream, this song by Georgia Ruth was playing. And since then, it’s been stuck in my brain and brainworming me. Which I have no problem with.

I shared some music from Georgia Ruth earlier as I really like her music, but in case you don’t know, she is a Welsh singer, harpist, and even has her own evening show on BBC Radio Cymru. So here’s this beautiful piece.

Song of the day – Georgia Ruth – Etrai.

Hi guys! 🙂

Today I would love to share with you a song by Georgia Ruth Williams who is a really great singer and harpist from Wales, singing both in English and Welsh. I absolutely love her voice, harmonies in her music and how she plays harp. Hope you’ll like her too. Tomorrow I’m going to share her another song, this time in English.