Question of the day.

Hi guys. 🙂

Today, my question for you is:

Do you prefer annuals or perennials?

My answer:

I’m not huge about gardening, so I don’t think I have any particular preference here, but I definitely do love flowers and other plants, so I’ll say perennials, it’s nicer when something lives longer I think.

You? 🙂

Question of the day.

At what time in the morning on weekends do you consider it to be okay for a neighbour to start using noisy garden tools?

My answer:

Well, before I go with the answer, I wanted to tell you something off topic, that just happened to me, which is very funny imo and shows up perfectly how screwed up my brain is. 😀 It’s probably going to be longer than my answer itself, so feel free to skip it if you feel like it. 😀

I started drafting this post, pasted the question that I’ve already had picked, wrote my whole answer, and, very glad of myself, was just about to hit Publish, well it was a short post so you wouldn’t think you can do anything wrong with it, luckily… something stopped me and I decided to look at it once again and check it, you never know… yeah, you really never know, you never know in what language you end up writing your post. 😀 I started to read it and I just got shocked because, guys… it was in SWEDISH!!! I just involuntarily wrote a blog post in Swedish! That is explainable because I’ve just had a bit of a language mish mash – that’s how you end up after a 30 minute session of Welsh which you learn via English, reading a book in English, exploring a very interesting blog in Swedish, listening to Vreeswijk’s Swedish music and being surrounded by and communicating in Polish. Straight before I started to write this post I’ve read quite a few posts on a Swedish blog and so my mind switched to Swedish and it stayed so for a bit too long. Not counting the times when I wasn’t fully awake or sober it happened to me only once before that I wrote something involuntarily not in the language I wanted to and it was even more weird. Now it got me thinking… Does that mean it’s time to start to publish something in Swedish? A little bit scary since I don’t write as much in Swedish as I read or listen or think, but it would be awesome… I still have to think on it though. But I also wonder how such things happen, ’cause it felt like something very natural, like uncontrollable. Like I wonder how I did it and didn’t feel alarmed that something isn’t quite as it should be before I finished. I even had to change the keyboard settings to write in Swedish – which you can do with one keyboard combination, but you still have to change those settings while I don’t have to do it with English and can write in English on Polish keyboard which is my standard. So so weird! The whole episode was ridiculous and I am still surprised and can’t stop chuckling at it, but it also made me proud and happy, because it means my Swedish is really progressing. Despite I’m on my own with it since October and no one is assisting my language journey anymore, my teacher said it’s just pointless, but I had a lot of doubts. But if you start blogging involuntarily in Swedish, seems like you can do it on your own. 😀 I copied that freaky Swedish post into my language folder so I’ll have it as a reminder of how far I’ve come, I’ll have to see though how correct it is, I don’t think it’s perfect Swedish, but still… that is an achievement for me. What do you think about all that? 😀

Well OK, let’s go back to the question.

Thinking possibly objectively, I think it shouldn’t be earlier than 9 AM, most people seem to have a habit of sleeping off during the weekend. However for me personally it doesn’t matter at all because my sleep cycle is too messed up and even if they were doing garden work at say 4 PM, it can be possible that I am asleep and they can wake me up, or if they’d like to start with them at e.g. 6 AM I can be up awake, my sleep cycle is too unpredictable even for myself to be taken into account by anyone else.

What do you think? 🙂

Question of the day.

What can you produce from scratch? Whether it’s a wood carving, a cocktail, home grown cucumbers, painting, cake, piece of writing or the best barbecue for miles?

My answer:

I guess in my case it would be writing, writing and writing. 😀 Generally my manual skills suck completely, so anything else I attempt to produce turns out to be a perfect example of failure. But I love writing.

Your turn. 🙂