Question of the day.

Hiya lovely people! 🙂

What are your favourite fruits?

My answer:

For me, it would be easier to say which are my least favourite simply because I love the vast majority of fruits I have tried. But my most favourite… certainly berry fruits are among the ones I love the most – berries, blueberries, raspberries. – Also I love oranges and tangerines, and pineapples. Oh, and talking about pineapples, I recently had a really weird craving for a pineapple, quite strong, so I’ve been wondering what it is in pineapples that I may be having not enough of in my system, and why. 😀 In any case, I’ll have to get myself some. Are olives fruits or vegetables? Huh, I’d never thought they could seriously be but uncle Google says they are, so I think I should mention olives first because I love them so much. If capers are fruit too then capers should be next, if I were to put my favourite fruits in order. I used to think that I’d love mango, because I once drank mango juice in a Moroccan restaurant and loved it so much but then when I ate a mango it somehow didn’t impress me at all. I also love grapefruits but can’t really eat them because I have a bit damaged enamel on some of the teeth because of wearing braces, or rather because of other things my orthodontist did to my teeth while I was wearing braces, but never mind, anyway it hurts after I eat sour things, and particularly much after grapefruits or other equally sour foods. Oh but I also love grapes. And peaches, but especially canned peaches. And apples and pears, though they are so casual and always available that I don’t always really appreciate them. I sure should appreciate apples more now that I have an iPhone. And I love strawberries, though I hate most strawberry-flavoured stuff. And gooseberries and currants, both black and red, the soft, mini wild strawberries that we call poziomki over here, watermelon as long as it’s not too mashy, if it’s not mashy it’s great, if it’s mashy it’s really really bad. Oh yeah and I love pomegranates to pieces. And can’t think of anything else at the moment but just like I said, I like most fruits.

Which ones do you like? 🙂