Kraja – “Jag Såg Dig” (I Saw You).

And because today is International Women’s Day, I thought it could be a good idea to share some music by a female music group. And I chose Swedish folk music group called Kraja, consisting of four very talented women. I’ve heard from someone that if an artist wants to proof how good he/she is, they should sing something acapella. Those women sing all their repertoire acapella, as far as I know, and sound so beautiful, their voices harmonise so well together. THey are from Umeå in the north of Sweden, and the name of their band means “the place that one misses/longs for” in Sami. I love all those untranslatable words, and it’s surprising how many of them refer to longing of some kind. The band consists of Lisa and Eva Lestander, Frida Johansson and Linnea Nilsson, and as far as I know their repertoire is all traditional.