Song of the day (16th September) – Fay Wildhagen – “Different”.

Hey guys! 🙂

Yes, another song by Fay Wildhagen is out, yay! I’ve seen it about two weks ago on Spotify so I guess that’s when it came out. I still really like Fay Wildhagen’s music, still come back quite regularly to her last full length album “Borders”, and will be very interested in seeing her new full length album, which I’ve heard should come out next year. So, naturally, I was thrilled to see this new single. I must say though that, despite having really cool lyrics, it didn’t speak to me as much as the last album and her previous single “Inevertoldyou”. There’s less of that style that I loved so much about “Borders”. It’s less unobvious, kinda, despite being titled “Different”, it feels more normal, mainstream-y? I don’t even know how to put it. I like it, but not quite as much. But the lyrics are good.

Fay Wildhagen – “inevertoldyou”.

Hi guys! 🙂

Yaaay! Last month, I shared with you the last of my favourite songs of Fay Wildhagen’s last full length album – “Borders” – and just a few weeks ago she released a new single! I still really like her music, and this new single didn’t disappoint me, and I really hope for a new album sometime soon. From what I’ve been able to read, it’s apparently the most personal song that Fay has ever written. By the way, I find it interesting the way the titles of some of her songs are styled, like for example with some additional characters or without spaces and capital letters like this one, I wonder whether it has any meaning here or is just a quirk, in any case it’s cool in music I think.

Fay Wildhagen – “New Again”.

Hey people! 🙂

Will be some Norwegian music for a while now. I’m still in love with Fay Wildhagen’s newest album “Borders”, so here is another song from it, one of the singles promoting it, called “New Again”. I just love listening to it. I’ve been a bit regretful that the songs from this newest album of her are only on Spotify and not Youtube or somewhere a bit more inclusive so that all of you who’d like it could hear it without the need to have Spotify, but, yay! at least this song IS on Youtube, so, here it is. 🙂