Question of the day.

How often do you shop for clothes? How would you describe your style, and where do you like to shop?

My answer:

I shop for clothes as rarely as possible. I dislike the atmosphere of most clothes shops, and I always feel exhausted after clothes shopping. I get some of my clothes online, also my aunt who is roughly similar size as me and very indecisive about what she likes sometimes gives some of her clothes to me and if I like them, I wear them too. I don’t like the chain shops usually as they are so boring and lacking individuality. There is an outlet shop close to where I live and the lady who runs it has lots of gorgeous clothes, my Mum is friends with her and buys stuff there for herself and for me. Sometimes if I need some particular clothing my Mum buys the fabric and goes to the dressmaker. As for my style, I like darker/more toned colours, I don’t like wearing something just to look well, it has to be comfortable above all. Ideally I like to be both elegant and comfortable. I like wearing dresses, or leggings. I have a lot of a bit vintage clothes that I like. But my most favourite clothing item at the moment is my purr T-shirt, the one I showed you some time ago, and I would most happily wear it all the time. My Mum is my stylist, and because we have mostly similar styles, we get along here.

How about you? 🙂